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The Crystals Stores Locations?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 7th August 2009 2:06pm
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VT tipster Mac sent us this a week or so ago... a rendering which shows the relative locations - and signage - of some of the stores coming to The Crystals shopping center at ARIA/CityCenter.

Crystals Stores


I'm curious if there will even be enough space between the stores and the strip for trees, grass, flower beds AND walkways. Also wondering if Apple will close one of their other two stores they've got on the strip or if they are planning on opening one every half mile or so.

Thanks Mac for the tip!



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I've heard for a few years now, that Apple would be moving into Crystals, in what would be a VERY high profile store, and that's exactly the space I expected, and was hoping they would take. The mall fits Apple perfectly, its just style exactly. I wonder how practical it is though. Its very high profile, and has amazing visibility. But in reality, there are already 3 Apple stores in LV, 3 or which will be with in one mile of each other. And if most of the strip is filled with vacationers, you just have wonder how well the store will really do. I never go on vacation, and grab a new Macbook Pro, while i'm out, and I can't imagine many people do. And buying a empty Ipod on vacation, don't do you much good either. Which brings me to those vending machines filled with ipods in the airports, Why buy something you can't even use, cause its empty, and needs charged, I guess so you just have more stuff to pack for the trip home. That makes sense. :) Nevertheless, I hope Apple takes that space, as unless you knew they were there, the other two on the Strip are completly hidden, though its hard to miss all their ads running non-stop on the Fashion Show Mall, moving video wall.

That's a good point, I would never buy something like a computer or laptop while travelling, especially with the small bags you bring on a typical 3-4 day trip to vegas. the other 2 stores are there though so I guess someone is doing it. Just me specualting, but I think there's alot of foreigners that come to Vegas with shopping in mind... at least when the dollar was weaker.

Visitors from foreign countries buy things like that when they are in the US, especially when the dollar is pissweak.

It might not be the weak dollar that's the problem. I just came back from China where I found an Apple iPod Nano for a $175 equivalent in RMB. So people over their tend to buy iPods and fancy shirts and coats while they are in the US or fakes in their country. Explains why we have Louis Vutton, Apple and other fancy shops popping up everywhere around the strip.

never underestimate the drunken purchase.
or the suddenly "casino-winnings-fueled" drunken purchase.
or the high roller looking to impress a hot piece with a quick splurge.
or the guy who has to make it up to his wife/gf for something stupid he did.

Apple stores - The new Starbucks

Having a visible strip store is about more than just sales. With its recent inroads to business users, Apple makes conventioneers comfortable that they can readily get service when in town. If your laptop PC crashes, where do you go for service/replacement when on a business trip? Also if you have an Apple .net account, you can download backed up data/songs to a newly purchased ipod right in the store at time of purchase.

Apple will not be in the Crystals Retail. I know this for a fact from a direct source of Crystals Management.

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