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BYOB = $500 Fine At Riviera

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 31st July 2009 3:09am
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Just got word from one of our friends in town for DEFCON that the Riviera is forcing all guests to sign a release which states that anyone caught bringing outside food or alcohol onto the property will be subject to a $500 fine. That's a little excessive dontcha think?

I can't help but be curious what the fine is for hacking into one of their arcade games:

Target Terror Gold

Of course, rendering the Wynn sign FUBAR is the five star holy grail. *hint*



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I wonder if gum or mints count too. You can almost visualize the last grasp death reach going on by the Riviera here too. Time to sell fellas, maybe someone can buy it for a song and actually do something with it.

If I was staying at that hotel, I would have big problems with that policy. I always stop at a local grocery store and pickup a two-liter bottle of Coke, and some snack foods and bring them back to my room, especially if I am going to be staying a couple of days. In Vegas I add a six or twelve pack of bottled water to my list.

I can understand if the hotel wants to keep outside food out of the casino, bars, and showrooms. But I think they have totally gone over the line when they keep you from bringing stuff back to your room. I heard that the Hard Rock hotel searches bags looking for food and drinks as people enter the room areas and as such I would never stay at that place.

this post indicates that it's a hoax, but the story told therein doesn't make it sound like a hoax to me.

What a ridiculous policy. Apparently the Sahara is having so little trouble getting people to book its crappy hotel that it can afford to enact a draconian rule like this.

Here it is:


This policy and at HRH is intended to stop the groups of kids coming in for a party weekend toting their coolers and cases of beer. These young college kids/spring breakers sometimes have so much beer they need a luggage cart to bring it up to the room. Often these groups include an underage kid and they spend/gamble almost nothing at the property. They are just taking advantage of the cheap room rates and partying all day/night at the pool or on the strip. I would be surprised if they actually fined a normal gambling tourist. I recently stayed at HRH and brought a grocery bag of soda/snacks/booze and nobody said boo.

I think this a bogus story along the lines of the "we rigged a fake ATM machine on the Casino floor and no one noticed" gig. I was at the Riv last Sunday afternoon, the Casino was not busy, but there were scads of pudgy 20 something nerdy guys in black T shirts. I asked the girl at the players club counter what was up, and she said it was "defcon, a hackers convention". She had a tone of distain in her voice. My point is that I don't think the defcon people are big spenders, or good customers. I think they are probably looking to knock authority (I think it is the nature of their group), and the ancient old staff at the Riv is the ultimate authority figure group. Keep in mind there is a large, and very busy, ABC store in the lobby of the Riv. Do these defcon people expect us to believe no one could bring anything they bought at the ABC store up to their room? I wonder if the defcon people will have a hard time finding any Casino in Las Vegas that will take their convention next year after all the bad PR they are creating for themselves?

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