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Prive Paying The Price

By MikeE on Friday, 24th July 2009 12:48am
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Easily the biggest news story of the day: Prive is being forced to close its doors after rejection of a permanent liquor license. Assault? Prostitution? Underage drinking? Shame that management would let such inexcusable conduct go unseen - it was actually a pretty cool spot and a nice compliment to Planet Hollywood.

But this begs the question: should casinos have more control over these nightclubs? We've heard stories of people being beaten at Tao and tax evasion at PURE Management Group. While these relatively new companies have yet to learn the ropes, the public casino operators from which they lease their nightclub spaces wouldn't be caught dead partaking in anything like this. "Welcome to The Venetian where we take pride in bringing you incredible service, luxurious accommodations, and bouncers that'll kick your ass."

Here's hoping this is a catalyst for casino operators to start taking a good, hard look at the nightlife groups who lease out spaces under their roofs. They'll quickly find that none of them have the same service, consistency, honesty, and management standards as the rest of their resorts' operations.



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You know? This freakin sucks. I was really looking forward to going there in December for my wedding. I don't really like clubs but I've heard a lot about this place and was really really looking forward to checking it out. Maybe they'll replace it with something cool before I get out there. It'd be such a waste of space to leave all that area open and unused

I definitely think that casinos need to be held accountable for the goings on within any business located in a casino in which the location is leased from the casino. It doesn't matter if it's a nightclub, restaurant, newsstand, coffee stand, spa, clothing shop, etc., if there's something going on (even behind closed doors) that puts the casino's license at risk, the owners of the casino definitely need to know about it.

The Gaming Control Board is getting very strict about what goes on within the confines of a licensee's property. They would not issue a license to the Girls of Glitter Gulch because of what they found what was going on there.

I'm just disappointed that I haven't seen a headline that reads, "Nightclub DePRIVEd of License."

At the very least, this create an opportunity for someone else to come in and run the place.

Dammit! And I thought I was being clever with my alliteration in the title.

It was a matter of time. Leasing out space is great if you have a clear idea of the tenants and are willing to assume that things will be run right but it seems that some casinos are just assuming things are cool and then getting a bad rep because of something they have nothing to do with. Honestly, the old club when it was the Aladdin was just as cool and seemed to not have it's head up it's proverbial butt.

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