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Will Monte Carlo's Hotel32 Be Worth It?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 24th July 2009 12:52am
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Monte Carlo's fire insurance policy jackpot, Hotel32 is now just over three weeks away from it's "grand opening" on August 10th.

A quick recap for those who may be unaware, Hotel32 is the completely refurbished top floors of Monte Carlo, which were severely damaged by a fire in 2008. They have been completely and totally redesigned and fitted with state of the art design and amenities, at least according to a chatty telephone reservationist who happily spilled the beans to us.

The question is, how well will Hotel32 fare when set amongst powerhouse offerings from the Wynns, Venetians and Bellagio's of the world. We did a quick survey of room rates from what we presume will be Hotel32's prime competition - hotel offerings from Bellagio, Palazzo and Encore, here is what we found:

Comparing Hotel32 Rates

Hotel32 is sporting midweek rates of $250 and weekend rates ranging from $350 to $500, with a very special $1000/night rate for September 11th. Of course, we still don't know what kind of bang for the buck Hotel32 offers, all we've seen so far are computer generated renderings. I'm confident that the amenities and furnishings will be top notch, but will that be enough to make up for Monte Carlo's overall sleepyness. Only time will tell.

So how does Hotel32 stack up against the competition, price wise? Let's take a looksi.

Comparing Hotel32 Rates

Hotel32 is charging higher rack rate than standard Bellagio rooms (which still have old style tube TVs), Encore's Panoramic View 'suites', and roughly the same rate as Palazzo's Concierge Luxury suite and more than half what Encore's Parlor Suites are going for.

Eeergh. This is where some honest to goodness photos and video of the damn suites would really come in handy. I'm all for the mysterious cryptic website and very detailed press release listing out what the insurance settlement paid for, but if I were going to put my money on the line... a CGI slideshow doesn't exactly convince me to pull the trigger at these prices.

What do y'all think? Do you find Hotel32 interesting? Does the price point scare you away? Do you see Hotel32's being attached to Monte Carlo as a pro or a con?



Comments & Discussion:

The hotel fire was in 2008, not 2007...

damn you nitpickers! :) thx mac.

For those kind of rates, each Hotel32 room should come with a closed circuit TV feed of Lance Burton's show (both audience view and backstage view).

I expect that not long after the opening, you should see a stiff price drop in the room rates.

The rooms themselves look really nice, but for the money I'd rather stay at Wynncore or Bellagio.

These rates will be quickly discounted once it actually opens. I was in MC last weekend and noted:
1) There are all you can drink specials;
2) Very limited dining options - the brew pub, Chinese, and Italian places are all closed for remodeling; plus on a Fri. night, Brand was empty.
3) Andre's bar now opens onto the casino which really tarnishes the dining experience (drunken patrons at the bar were making all kinds of noise which detracted from the great food);
4) Parking is limited and there is no back exit due to construction (cabs were cutting through NYNY).

Not worth it.

The changes are window dressing - they can't improve the thin walls, small windows and the fact its Monte Carlo.

my guess is this was an idea leftover from the fire, back when it wasn't yet entirely obvious that vegas didnt need more high end rooms. Maybe they had plans to put a nightclub in MC and let the rooms compliment it. No sense staying there with so many better options.

I'm on the side that it won't meet the bang for the buck. Credit to MGM and MC for trying I guess, but MC has absolutely no character for a resort, heck even it's headliner is fairly boring from a marketing perspective. I'm still amazed that they've never quite got that it could be a really good middle class resort. Straight middle class, not upper middle and certainly not high end. These suites maybe will help them draw in a couple of bigger players for the novelty, but it won't keep them unless they are phenomenal. But then again, what can they really do that would be so fantastic?

Why such a high rate on 9/11? Patriotism Tax? Did it go from the least popular day to be travelling to the most popular day to be travelling? Or is there some special promotion where people leave hundreds of flowers and tributes outside your hotel room while all the channels play Enya's "Only Time" non-stop?

For that kind of money, it'd better be an experience We Will Never Forget. Or else they've already won.

I just got back from 4 nights at The Mirage staying in a Tower Suite. Yeah, the room looks like it has not been changed one bit in at least 12 years. The tube TV in the bed room was so worn out it was almost black and white. But this is the thing, it was still beautiful, spotless, huge (1,250 sqft) and it was $135 a night.( mid week) This was a top of the line room just a few years ago, and now it is less then a regular room at Bellagio. If you can live without the flat TV and the new modern style most hotels are going for now (I, personal do not like the modern look at all) then this room may be the best hidden treasure in Vegas.

I would never stay here. I am always at HET places cause its always free and when I do splurge on a nice place, that is the last i would choose. I can't get over how many bad views that hotel has. those prices are a joke.

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