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The Deal On The Deals

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 22nd July 2009 6:30pm
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Some VT power users may have noticed that our listing of VegasDeals is a little thinner these days. In the interest of continuing our promise of transparency and honesty, we feel that a short explanation is in order for those of you who regularly check the list when looking for a booking.

The folks at MGM Mirage's internet marketing department have decided that they don't approve of the content we post on VT, and have given us the boot from the website marketing program from which the deals and coupon codes sprang forth.

A month ago they changed the rules of their program, declaring it verboten for us to discuss, mention, link to, compare or pencil out the mathematics of any email marketing offer or cross promotions they send unless it was from a small selected list of offers they approved for promotion (i.e. none). The problem is, they didn't tell us the rules changed beyond mentioning that some old promo code links needed to be removed from partner sites like ours.

This is nothing but a silly - and failed - attempt to control any and all conversations about their products and services by bending us over the barrel of a scarcely worthwhile business arrangement.

I can't help but point out the shocking similarities between how they handled this situation and how they handle smart casino players. Much like blackjack players who use their brain to beat the game, the casino (MGM) has changed the dealer, then changed the rules, then 86'd us from the casino because we did a great job helping you beat them at their marketing game.

The long and the short of it is : there will be no more promo codes for Lion Inc. properties on VT, which sucks more for you than for us... we love nothing more than saving our readers a coupla bucks here and there. For this we apologize to you... promo links for MGM properties can be found here, here and here amongst other places.

Hearty congratulations go to Mike E - one of Lion Inc.'s biggest fans - - for writing the posts that pissed them off so much. He accomplished in two months what I couldn't in five years - opening up an rss feed of whoopass on the "king of the jungle." Bow down.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm sure I read it at some point, but can you post a link to the particular story that Mike_E posted that upset MGM so much. As desperate as MGM is to fill rooms with anyone with a pulse, I'm pretty surprised that they've gotten so upset with you trying to help them fill rooms, so they can make money. Who woulda thunk it? Mabye MGM should spend a little more time trying to get their stock price up, and a little less time picking on some poor guy trying to run a website, which helps promote their products. Its a strange world we live in.

This is why I posted on Twitter the other day: "Sometimes MGM Mirage is really dumb".

I've had my own run ins with the guy that runs their Internet marketing jive - let's just say I felt like I was debating the finer points of Obama's health care plan with Glenn Beck - not a lot of sanity in that conversation.

@brian we don't promote their products the way they want us to - with rose petals, scented undie pants and floral adjectives.

and to think that barely a month ago i alerted them to the fact that their ARIA flash ads were completely and utterly jacked up, offered to debug them and volunteered to be an A/B testing guinea pig.

Well played. Chalk one up for objectivity.

Dear MGM Mirage,

In the words of Arthur Steven Lange, Jr., WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



Posting these offer codes, deals, etc., is no different than what goes on within countless Internet forums. I guess since these are being posted by the operators of a website, it is a bad thing. Hell, how many of us have ever forwarded an non-player's club email offer from a casino to a friend or friends?

If MGM Mirage wants to kibosh the posting of offer codes online, then they ought to require some sort of additional verification code that can only be used by the person the email was sent to originally.

If MGM Mirage isn't liking the coverage they're getting over here, then perhaps they ought to address the shortcomings of their properties that people here (and on other Vegas forums) are posting. After the boatload of Michael Buble email offers folks were getting, yours truly included (Which shows how desperate they're getting, as I don't even have an MGM Mirage player's club card and signed up for their email offers.), perhaps they ought to realize that some offers are offers that folks can refuse.

To MGM: Fuck you! :D

My second time going to Las Vegas is next week and I was thinking of staying at another MGM property due to the great experience I had at T.I. in May. Since this new stunt I instead booked a GO room at the Flamingo to give the competition a shot (The "Hot Deals" and packages offered by various Harrah's properties are actually pretty good!). Way to keep your clients coming MGM!

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