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Seven Best Cheap Craps Tables In Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st July 2009 2:41pm
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Are you ready to play some cheap dice? You bet your ass... here's VT's picks for the seven best places to spread a ton of chips all over the board without having to take out a second mortgage.

Vegas Best Craps

Casino Royale

The cheapest craps tables on the strip belong to Casino Royale. From $2 minimums during the week to high rolling $5 games on weekends you can't go wrong at this grinders paradise. Throw in dollar Michelobs and a view of the Mirage Volcano and the deal has been sealed.

Vegas Best Craps


O'Shea's is one of the last hold outs for $5 craps on the strip... and the most fun and interesting games you'll find anywhere in Vegas. The dealers are cranky in a personable kinda way and the atmosphere is loud fun and unpretentious. Now about those beer pong tables...

Vegas Best Craps


Fremont's $5-10 minimums craps tables feature some of downtown's best stick crews, smartest players and a roll counters to keep track of how many times the dice have been tossed in a given turn.

Vegas Best Craps


Slots-A-Fun is where the old dealer dogs go to pasture. The dealer crews at both of these joints are tried and true veterans of the games, most of whom have spent more time at a craps table than you have been alive - seriously. If you want to play cheap games with a crew of Las Vegas history books... Slots-A-Fun is essential.

Vegas Best Craps


Playing craps at The Plaza is a rite of passage for players and dealers alike. The mixed crew of break-in dealers struggling with the math and grizzled old veterans not giving a shit about doing the math makes for interesting dynamic. Throw in a healthy dose of players who have no idea what they are doing and you can guarantee an interesting dice session. Our tip : bring a large posse and take over the entire table.

Vegas Best Craps


The Cal is downtown's home for the serious craps player. The minimums range from $5-10 but this game is the fountain from which all craps fans should drink. Don't believe us? Go see the Golden Arms.

Vegas Best Craps

Readers Choice

Tell us who you think should be in the final slot for the best cheap craps tables in Vegas.



Comments & Discussion:

I spent hours on a $5 table at Binions on a Saturday night in may. I ended up winning and enjoyed the crew and the fellow gamblers. I'd say Binions deserves that final spot! Sahara also has a pretty good cheap craps table if you're looking for something on the strip.

While maybe not "cheap" (Table mins were $10 at the time), the handful of times I have rolled the bones @ Encore have been great. Friendly and entertaining dealers coupled with amazing drink service means Encore gets my nod.

Casino Royale and Slots-A-Fun would round out my top three.

Why would you post an article about cheap craps tables and not even mention the odds? What makes Casino Royale so awesome is the fact that you can put 100x behind.

Do you even play craps?

Concur with Binion's. While the best I've ever left the craps tables there was $5 ahead, it's an enjoyable place to place craps. I usually end up there in the mornings (Usually between 8-10 am), as they've usually got one table open and it will have no more than three or four folks playing (with a few folks in and out). There's been times when I've been the only person at the table, and in between rolls, cutting up with the crew.

I've always played at the 4 Queens with their 5x odds, the minimum never went above $5 even on a busy weekend like Memorial Day wknd, and the crew is always rooting for the player and very friendly. They usually have very experienced dealers except for during the early morning hours 3am-6am, that's when the break-in dealers are working. I'd also like to say Main Street Station too, their dealers are very experienced and that's when I rode the wave of a 40 minute heater!

One night I was downtown and played in so many places that I can't remember which ones they were. Binions was one of them. Where were those blue dice? I've played at Casino Royale 3 times, 2 of them winners of over 600. I love the high odds and the small $3 pass line bets. A lot of people are just using $1 chips and you stand out like a high roller if you're using red and greens. The fun is what's important, so play with what you feel comfortable with.
I played at the Stratosphere back in the early 90s. I think it had $5 tables and big odds too. My guess is it still does with its isolated location. Someday the Strat will be joined with the rest in a continuous line of resorts.

Out on the Boulder Hwy strip is a break-in Casino called the Joker's Wild. It is a Boyd Gaming property, so your Boyd Prime Rewards card works there. They offer 25¢ Craps with 10x odds weekdays, weekends $1 miniums, which has to be some of the cheapest craps available in the Las Vegas area.

Always have had a good experience with the crews at the Golden Nuggent. There's an older guy named Don who has been there several afternoons that I have rolled there. Very personable and tolerate of a newbie.

The rest of the list is outstanding and on target. I always win when the crowd is singing along at O'Sheas. Was there in July and this smokin' hot woman was singing along to Oasis' Wonderwall and hitting 6's & 8's like it was destiny for us to win doughski.

yep, i liked both binions and the golden nugget (gold dice!) - did well at both of them. The Stardust (sniff, sniff) had a great craps pit too, alas.

i also did pretty well on an early sunday morning (9 or 10am) at the bellagio, $5 table, made a $100 profit in about 30 minutes and punched out when half the table left to go get breakfast.

I found a place out in Henderson called "Jokers Wild" They have $1 Craps with 10x odds... the dealers are dip chits but you cant beat 10x odds with a $1 min

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