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Grab Your Sweater, Bill Cosby Is Performing at TI!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th July 2009 5:45pm
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Treasure Island has announced that legendary comedian Bill Cosby will be making regular appearances in TI Theatre starting with two shows on September 5, 2009 a 7:30 & 10pm.

In honor of his appearance, TI will be filling up Buccaneer bay with 12,000 gallons of milk and 2.8 tons of Jell-O pudding... the first installment of the Bill Cosby Invitational Sirens of TI Jell-O Pudding Wrestling Contest. (not true)

His next engagement will be Thanksgiving weekend, Friday November 27, 2009.



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just make sure there's none of that filth-flarn-filth in that ruffian hotel.

Look at all the wonderful people! I'm here to entertain all of you lovely people!

Phil Ruffin must have a real 80s fetish.

He's resurrecting Gilley's

He's booking Bill Cosby for regular performances

He married a woman born in the 1980s

Seriously, everyone coronated this guy as some savior of Vegas when he plucked this property from a cash-starved MGM, and based on what he did as steward of the Old New Frontier, I can see the optimism.

But the New Frontier, which was destined for the wrecking ball when Ruffin bought it, was no TI. Not even close. The New Frontier arguably vied for the same clientele as The Rivera, Circus Circus, and Sahara.

TI with its renovated rooms, Pho, Social House, Isla, and Francesco's should be a notch about mid-market, and in my opinion, the place had some understated class (though I'll admit, it started going downhill when they closed Tangerine and replaced it with that sartorial assault on good taste, Christian Audigier).

And now we see the direction Ruffin is taking it. Gilley's, Bill Cosby, closing Social House, changing Francesco's to just a pizzeria. He's clearly targeting the JCPenney demographic, but how can he do that and expect to charge $185 a room for Saturday Nights?

No doubt his business sense has worked well for him, but he's not infallible, especially considering that he allowed himself to get duped into doing business with that egomaniacal blowhard Donald Trump, whose name has as much cachet as Ginsu, and we're now seeing what an abysmal disaster that partnership has been.

Ultimately, I don't see this resort pulling in the same kind of profit that MGM saw in, say, 2006 (from what I remember seeing in the numbers, TI generated the fifth most revenue and profit among the MGM family, behind Bellagio, MB, MGM Grand, and Mirage). Then again I don't think any resort will be pulling in 2006 numbers anytime soon.

But the bottom line is that I don't like the direction this underrated gem has gone. Poo.

Am I the only one who immediately thought of "High Fidelity" when I saw the title of the article?

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