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Luxor Thinks You're Dumb

By MikeE on Monday, 20th July 2009 1:37am
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For an additional $10 per night, Luxor will let you check in early between the hours of 9-11am. Or for an additional $10 per night, they'll let you check out as late as 3pm. But for those of you who are used to the finest things in life and demand both, there's no need to worry: for an additional $20, and yes, per night, they'll let you do both.

I've been around various Vegas forums in my time and even moderate one myself. It never ceases to amaze me how frequently people ask what they should do with their luggage if their room is not available or if their flight departs later. Sadly, these same people will likely splurge for these offers not knowing what a smile and a tip at the front desk can get you, even during the busiest times.

If you're in town overnight for business and absolutely need to get showered and ready by afternoon, then the peace of mind the early check in "special" offers is worth it. As for late check out, just ask the morning of. You won't get the courtesy vacate-the-room euphemism of "please call down to the bell desk for assistance with your luggage" until 2pm at the earliest.



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Isn't the Luxor one of the MGM Mirage resorts that have also started charging a resort fee? It looks to me as if MGM Mirage is using Luxor as a test hotel, to try these nickel and dime fees, to see if the public is dumb enough to accept them, like they do for the airlines. If it appears to work well at the Luxor, expect the disease of various fees to spread to other MGM Mirage hotels quickly.

It never ceases to amaze me how businesses try their best to drive loyal customers away. They all still believe there is an endless stream of new customers that will take the place of ones driven off. They don't seem to wise up until they are almost standing in front of a bankruptcy judge.

You hit it right on, Atltrainman. It is so much cheaper to keep customers than to find new ones. So while so many resorts are counting nickels and dimes, the dollars are walking out the door.

While I hate nickel and diming, maybe it's the west coast bias here at play. Flying in early or leaving late on a day, I wouldn't mind a $10 charge to check in at 9am, or in order to ensure a 3pm checkout. They aren't much but after being on a plane for 5 hours, last thing I want to do is check bags and walk around before check in. Just my opinion but this one doesn't bother me so much.

This is akin to highway robbery. I've encountered trouble trying to check in early but I have only once been refused a late check-out and it was because I was checking out the weekend of the Super Bowl.

Maybe I am spoiled but I very rarely go to Vegas at busy times and an extra $10 per night (which is a essentially anywhere from a $20 or more extra charge depending on length of your stay) is insane.

I actually wanted to stay at the Luxor too, until their insipid "resort fee" and now this? Wow! This is the same reason I balked at staying at the Trump International, which I heard has awesome rooms but charges a resort fee of $15 a night.

Not only will someone at the front desk of any hotel happily store your luggage for you until check-in time, you can often get your room at an early hour. When I go to Vegas I usually arrive early on Friday morning, so there are often a lot of rooms ready as early as 10 AM.

And of course, if they're not, you just leave them at the front desk!

As for the resort fees being compared to airline fees, at least when the airlines nickel and dime you they're for actual services that you can decline. Is it an option to decline the resort fee and not use the pool?

I know many are able to check in early and get late checkout, but I have noticed a trend over the last 3-4 years. Late checkouts up to this year have routinely been refused for me. Early checkins are hit and miss. Some properties were better then others, with Flamingo always surprising me as I've never been refused there and had two 9am checkins over that time. Again, I'd rather it be free and think when it's available it should definitely be given, but I do understand it as a charge. Beats a $15 drink at the bar.

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