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Exclusive : The Official Word On Slots-A-Fun

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th July 2009 3:21pm
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So we've finally gotten the official word from MGM Mirage about what's going to happen to Slots-A-Fun. Here's the official statement:

For purposes of operational efficiency, the two separate gaming licenses at Circus Circus Las Vegas and Slots-A-Fun were merged into one license on July 1. Guests will notice that there are new gaming chips and some other minor, visible changes at Slots-A-Fun, in order to comply with the new licensing structure. There are no plans to sell or close Slots-A-Fun.

There you have it... sorta... we've got a handful of follow up questions sent in and if you have any of your own, post them in the comments and we'll send em along.

Will the name change? Yes... the new name of the joint will be.... (drum roll please):

Slots-A-Fun at Circus Circus

*rimshot* (seriously)

Will they change the decor/carpet? Probably not. From what I gather, this won't affect anything other than the name as printed on branded items controlled by the gaming license statutes - chips, tokens, coins, table felt, uniforms, signage etc..



Comments & Discussion:

It'd suck if they changed the signage though. That's 90% of the allure. Maybe 100% on some days.

Are they going to change to Ticket-In Ticket-Out?

Will they keep the cheap hot dogs?

Will the low limit tables ($1.00 blackjack etc.) stay?

I always think Slots-A-Fun as part of Circus Circus anyway. Mind as well merge them together and allow the Slots-A-Fun building to be an extension to CC. Maybe they'll connect the building to CC somehow, someday...or maybe just implode the whole CC property along with S-a-F and bulld something else when the economy improves.

I still have yet to go into Sluts A Fun.....last time I was in Vegas I didn't even make it down to Circus Circus. I will this time though...dammit, I will. Venture into the world of white trash, stickyness, and clowns....anyone know any drug dealers in Vegas? :-)


Check with VegasRex about the Drug Dealers, he is tuned into that portion of the Vegas experience and can assist you.

While I will admit I am an elitist snob, I have had more fun gambling at Circus-Circus than anywhere in Las Vegas. Not sure what that says about me, but it must be bad.

Jeff, at first, it says a lot about you.......but then when we read your username and find out your from Okie-land, it all sort of makes sense ;)

Don't rip on OK... thats where those fearless freaks The Flaming Lips AND the mighty JeffinOKC are from.

I havent been inside Circus Circus since I was there in the 70's in high school but i may just go in and see the suckage

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