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Updated: Hotel32's Tasteless Joke

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th July 2009 1:01am
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Monte Carlo's Hotel32 sent out some spam to announce the opening of their reservations. The email itself reads like one of those stupid Facebook games that everybody wishes everybody would stop posting to their status updates - open a book to the 56th page, find the fifth word of the fifth sentence and bolt that onto a random entry from Wikipedia and the third image from the most recent Flickr uploads and voila you've wasted 10 minutes of your time for a joke that nobody cares about.

Hotel32 tells us that to check into their hotel, we'll need an alias... and wrapped it up in a truly tasteless Michael Jackson joke.

We are very well aware that there is a fine line between stupid and clever, and are of the opinion that this joke downright stupid. Monte Carlo should publically retract this tastelessness and apologize.

Seriously... who let this stupidity pass through quality control? You should be ashamed of yourselves, and even more ashamed that you're charging $250/night midweek to stay at the friggin Monte Carlo, no matter how you've decorated the fire damage.

Update: All right all right all right already. Y'all have shown me the partial error of my ways (see public flogging via comments below). This lousy joke by Monte Carlo suffered more from being stupid all on its own and perhaps I overreacted in the original post. I guess I picked a bad month to quit sniffing glue.




Comments & Discussion:

Well, their marketing firm doesn't always strike a home run. Witness the NYNY marketing that had slogans similar to, "you're going to die sometime anyway!"

They'll either persevere with whatever they have here or sweep it under the rug when some executive-type hears about it and doesn't approve. When I read that, I thought it was a dig at Sarah Palin since her children have names like Track and Trig and Bristol.

I dunno, there's Apple Paltrow and Pilot Inspektor (Jason lee's kid I think), Penn Jillete's kids (Moxie Crimefighter & Zolten) and all those other "look-at-me at the expense of my child's lifelong self esteem" names. I don't think they were singling out MJ. It's still a stupid attempt at trying to be witty though.

Also meant to add that Monte Carlo needs to take a look at themselves in the mirror and accept who and what they are...a passable, bottom-of-the-middle, forgettable hotel that nobody goes out of their way to visit.

Yeah, I have to agree with Hank on this one - if anything MJ's kids are nowhere close to being ridiculously named when compared to some other celebrities. This was more of a general shot at celebrity.

(FWIW, I'm definitely not taking their suggestion for how to make my alias. No Bitey Harrison for me!)

Are you serious? I just checked the rates for Hotel32 for the week of ARIA's opening, and it's $250 a night. That's four months after your supposed opening. I can get Vdara and Bellagio for much, much cheaper than that at the standard rate (Bellagio at $90-Wow). There's no way I'm paying almost three hundred a night midweek for a barely 400 square foot Mirage-esque room that will most probably have fire damage and still be in the most boring casino in the world.

Oh, and they're inverting the THEhotel branding of everything. theSTUDIOS, theSUITES, theFAIL.

And to top it all off, the Monte Carlo doesn't even have their own self park parking garage.

I stayed in one of the top floor rooms at MC (pre-fire) and they are slightly larger than a standard room. They also have 9or10 foot ceilings vs. the 7or 8 foot ceilings in the standard rooms.

And my alias will never be Jasper Kinsdale or Tiger Anna.

I don't think that the sub-$100 Bellagio rooms come with a personal concierge do they? I also think that Chuckmonster needs to seriously reconsider what he considers a "Michael Jackson" joke. Really dude, are you that naive? I didn't see an ounce of MJ in that "joke". You need to stop demanding apologies for a weak joke that obviously targets Celebrity in general, DB.

How did you make the leap from this ad to Michael Jackson? I think Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa might have something to say about it.

Seriously though, lighten up. This is not a dig at Michael Jackson, this is just a poke at the world of celebrity...something most of us dream of being for at least a day...which is what I think they were going for here. Sheesh.

Yeah, Chuckmonster, I'm a fan, but I didn't even think of MJ when reading that joke. It fails because it's not particularly clever, but not because it's somehow insulting or offensive.

And to those pointing out how ridiculous those room rates are, I agree wholeheartedly. Remodeled or not, it's still the Monte Carlo. I don't know how many heads they'll have in those new beds at $250 a night. Get real, MGM Mirage.

Chuck: You are overreacting badly. The "joke" is levelled against celebrities in general. There is no obvious connection to MJ. Lighten up.

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