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Harrah's O'Shittiest Idea Ever?

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 12th July 2009 11:16pm
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From the 'Lets Leak A Trial Balloon To The Local Press And See How People React Department' comes the announcement that Harrah's had decided two years ago that they weren't going to blow up any of their east side of the strip properties. Interesting.

Instead the propeller heads at Harrah's embarked on a global study of "pedestrian traffic" and decided that the best thing they could come up with was to build a foot mall thingy in the alley between O'Shea's and the Flamingo that would lead to a frigging ferris wheel out back. Don't believe me? Here's the rendering.

O'Shea'sus Tap Dancing Christmas this has got to be the worst idea I've ever heard.

Seriously? A carnival midway with a ride at the end?? Will there be a hayride, batting cages, balloon animals and dunk tank too? Will Nicole from my 10th grade science class be there? Will I get the nerve to ask her to go on the ferris wheel with me? Will there be fill-in-the-blank jobs at the top?

Perhaps more irritating than this non-starter idea is the death of the deliciously mysterious Imperial Palace as a strip facing icon. In the above linked rendering, the IP becomes little more than a square box advertising whatever is on at Caesars Palace and a hotel tower attached to oblivion.

Lets get serious folks... this isn't a remaking of Harrah's Strip properties, but a way for them to squeeze some cash out of a decommissioned access road while they figure out what they really want to do with their jigsaw puzzle problem.



Comments & Discussion:

I don't think it's going to get done. If it has a ferris wheel, its not going to be built. There has been many ferris wheel-proposed projects in Vegas in the past, and none of them get materialized. "Project Link" is one of those projects.

How is losing the IP frontage irritating? I hate the IP frontage. I hate the lack of sightlines, and the ease of which pedestrians can become sidewalk pizza because cars and walkers alike are blinded to the presence of each other. I hate that guests returning to their hotel have to walk through an alley that itself looks like an access road to get inside.

I've seen old pictures where the IP has a sort of front yard outside ala Bally's, wish it had stayed that way.

Maybe the ferris wheel will have slot machines on it! When someone hits a jackpot, it will light up and fireworks will go off!

I hate hate HATE the big street mall thing between IP and Harrah's, and my fear is that another operation like that will fill this space. When I'm trying to get from one place to the other, the last thing I want is a forced detour by a bunch of jimcrack and whatchamafuck shops, oxygen bars, and annoying music. That place is also crawling with really aggressive hookers, and I would guess that pickpockets have a field day there.

@minvegas when the only strip facing feature of the Imperial Palace becomes a Cher / Bette / Jerry Seinfeld advertisement... we all lose. those blue neon tubes are priceless.

Maybe this will result in an In-N-Out on the Strip. A guy can dream.

It's still going to cost them $100M to do this and it will never make even close to that back. The money would be much better spent rennovating their existing frontage.

This will NEVER happen! HET is a joke, that's why real players dont play their. I will use their comp'd rooms but I wont play there.

1st of all, the FAA will never approve a 600 ft Ferris Wheel so close to an airport, what a joke... If the economy never went in the tank, HET would be imploding IP, Osheas and Ballys.

HET just wants some press, "look at us, we were NEVER going to implode our hotels" Bitch please!!!

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