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Breweries Serving at the NYNY Beer Bash

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 1st July 2009 4:35pm
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Beer Bash

A quick follow up to yesterday's post about the NYNY Bridge Beer Bash. To help get your drool on, we've managed to procure a listing of the brewers - and beers - being presented this weekend at the bash. A fine array indeed.

Dogfish Head
90 minute IPA
60 minute IPA

Coors Light
Blue Moon

Sam Adams
Cherry Wheat

Arrogant Bastard

Dead Guy

Sunset Wheat
Summer Shanty

New Belgium
Blue Paddle
Fat Tire
Mothership Wit (organic)

Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale

Original Sin Cider

Curve Ball

Liberty Ale


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Alaskan Amber

Primo Island Lager

Pilsner Urquell


Guinness 250

Konig Ludwig



Mirror Pond

Trois Pistoles


Dos Equis

Our deepest thanks go out to the super nice folks at MGM Mirage Public Relations for gathering up this listing of brewers & beers and sending it over. Thank you!



Comments & Discussion:

Some good stuff definitely on offer there. The Dogfish Head 60 and 90 Minute IPAs are good. The Guinness 250 is excellent (Special version brewed for the 250th Anniversary of the signing of the lease on St. James' Gate, the Guinness Brewery). Can't go wrong with New Belgium. The stuff from Unibroue is probably some of the best stuff they're offering other than the Dogfish Head offerings. The seasonal from Sam Adams is their Summer Ale. I'm surprised that they're not offering the Blackberry Wit beer Sam Adams have. That's a perfect summertime beer.

Overall, the offerings are a bit small. I definitely find the fact that Miller Lite, Coors Light, Fosters, Newcastle, Heineken, Dos Equis, and PBR are being offered there a bit laughable. The average person can get pretty much all of those at just every casino bar in town. I guess I'm just being a beer snob, but when I go to a beer festival, I try not to try anything I have tried before. There's beer I have been curious about but didn't want to spend the money for a bottle or a six pack and not like it.

If I were in Vegas this weekend, I'd probably go to it anyway, as there are beers there that aren't available where I live. To me, that's the point of going to these sorts of events. One of these days, I'll make the trip to the Great American Beer Festival, where I'll probably die of alcohol poisoning......

I was going to post about the blatant error of Coors Lite and Blue Moon being posted under the "Miller" heading... then checked and found out that Miller and Coors merged. Good god. Move away from Colorado for a decade or two and the place goes to hell. Does the Coors brewery in Golden (a quick drive down from the university in Boulder, I might add) now offer MGD as a choice of the free beers available after the free brewery tour, one wonders?

I'm still not quite sure what my obsession with all things Mexican are, ever since I went on a vacation to Mexico and saw how crazy drunk everyone was, it's made me like the place quite a lot. I'd be hoovering over the Dos Equis stand all night. That's all me.

Worth it just for Dogfish Head 60/90 min and Stone Ruination. Wish I was there.

@vespajet - yer such a beer nerd.....but a quick question about the Guinness 250, how long was that lease signed for?

@James - I think the Miller/Coors merger was also when Molson bought them too. (Us silly Canadians, we want all the beer in the world)

Dogfish Head & Vegas.
Life can be a very beautiful thing.

@spyder. 9000 years.

Here's the whole MillerCoors saga in short form. Molson bought Coors in 2005, becoming Molson-Coors. SAB (South African Breweries) bought Miller Brewing in 2002, becoming SABMiller. The two companies formed a joint venture in 2007, MillerCoors, to better compete with Anheiser-Busch (This was prior to the InBev merger.).

^^^ beer nerd ^^^^ snik snik

@spyder And proud of it....... I know I've tried over the last 15 years somewhere in the neighborhood of around 1000 different beers (I quit counting somewhere in the 400s......

I thought the Molson-Coors thing was a merger not a purchase. and now they own the Montreal Canadiens.

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