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Same Day Reservations and Walk-ins = Crazy Suite Deals

By MikeE on Wednesday, 24th June 2009 12:27am
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The opportunity rarely presents itself, but if you're stuck with an overnight layover or are a southern Californian on a one-night bender with no hotel reservations, the possibilities to score some great deals on incredible accommodations are high.

It should go without saying that sitting on empty room inventory looks bad to casino corporation investors and is bad for the bottom line, but it results in cutthroat rates on last-minute occupancies for consumers. Hotel policies are all different and your mileage is sure to vary depending on the time of year (as in, do not try this during CES or any other big convention in town), but if you've ever wanted to stay in a lavish penthouse for the cost of a Saturday night at Mirage, this is your best bet.

In early January, a friend of mine was looking into same-day suite reservations for himself and his wife. Some of the deals he came across were phenomenal. How about THEhotel's H Suite - a 1600 square foot penthouse that normally starts at a very reasonable $430 - for $249? Or Mandalay's $500 base price per night media suite for $299? My personal favorite? A 3500 square foot Caesars Augustus Tower penthouse that typically runs well into the four digits for $377.


In my personal experience, I've even found inquiring about rates in person gives further leverage and the chance to negotiate. I arrived at MGM on a room comp for one night because I was attending Encore's grand opening for the next two. I asked about upgrades and was informed that the only way I could be upgraded was if my comped room was canceled and I was treated as a "walk-in" guest. I agreed and was informed that a Terrace Suite, which normally starts at $900, could be mine for $800. I asked if doing it for $250 was possible. A quick phone call later and I had in my hands the keys to a Terrace Suite for the price I wanted.

If you're looking to try this but want to play it safe, pick a dead time of year and leave your last night free of any reservations. No matter what happens, it'll make for a story to tell.



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So are you going to post a review of this terrace suite anytime soon?

I did as part of my big Encore Grand Opening review on Admiral Hunter's blog:

In short, the room's ugly beyond belief. If you've never stayed in a Wynn/Encore/Bellagio suite, you'll be impressed. If you have, then even $250 is tough to justify.

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