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Reviews Running Cold On Encore

By MikeE on Tuesday, 23rd June 2009 3:05pm
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Encore No Hot Water

Though I'm not very fond of TripAdvisor or other community based review sites for reasons too numerous to list, I will admit that sometimes consistencies among several reviews can make for some interesting reading.

Among these consistencies as of late: the lack of hot water at Encore. Several recent TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews have been complaining of what seems like serious plumbing and heating issues. And these aren't showers that get lukewarm at best, but what sounds like a complete lack of hot water. As a result, reports have mentioned Encore's couture clientele skipping showers and stinking up the facilities worse than the Plaza downtown.

Though the problem has since been resolved, this may just be the beginning of a slew of reports that are sure to trickle out - definitely a thorn in the side of a resort, which thanks to its poor location and unfortunate timing, is already struggling to sweep the luxury market.



Comments & Discussion:

I've stayed at Encore a few different times, and never experienced that problem at all. In fact, the water in both Wynn and Encore, will get so hot that its not even tolerable. I wonder if a boilder failed, or something? I'd be curious to hear from others on this. I was even there on a sold out night, and never had any problems.

Although Wynn is one of my favorite Vegas hotels, I left Encore on a sour note after staying there in the opening weeks. The service recovery when things go wrong--and they will--simply isn't up to par. I'd be livid if I were without hot water for a day and offered a mere $50 credit, particularly if I were the guest in the Tower Suites with hundreds of dollars in incidentals. If, as another poster mentioned, Steve Wynn is the one who capped the refund at $50 per guest, he should be ashamed.

We had scalding hot water the first two visits and called maintenance to fix it once, documented in the review.

I've stayed at Encore two times already, and I am a frequent guest at Wynn. On my first time, I spent only one night and when checking out I informed the front desk agent that a cake was left in the fridge of the Parlour suite where I stayed that probably belonged to the previous guest and housekeeping forgot to remove it. Her response was "why you didn't eat it"? Are you kidding me??? I was not expecting anything other than a simple apology and recognize the mistake so it won't happen again. Last Friday, I too was affected by the lack of hot water and when I called them they said it would be fixed in one hour. I then decided to go to the spa so I could take a shower and the spa agent charged me even though I told her what was going on. Then, for my surprise there was no hot water at the spa either. I took a cold shower, went to my room, got dressed and went to eat at Picasso. When entering Bellagio, I felt home and at least from now on I will be back to Bellagio until Wynn/Encore recover from this lack of costumer service. What happen, Mr. Wynn??? Recession hit you hard. It looks like they don't have any supervisors overlooking the staff any more. Sad...

My stay at the Encore in May was perfect. The shower temp was just right and most impressive was hot water comes out almost instantly. I thought that they must have a water heater for each room because it cannot be far away. If this were the case, some must need adjustment for the too hot temps.

I'm one of those people who wrote a negative review on Trip Advisor because of the cold water. I try to be someone who understands that things aren't always perfect. It was the indifferent attitude from the staff that upset me. I complained at checkout and received a curt "I'm sorry. That's $550 in room charges. Do you want to settle the account on your Visa?".
Honestly, I'd rather have a sincere apology than any monetary compensation, although I wasn't offered $50!!
I will repeat what I said in my review-the property is stunning and the rooms are incredible, but I wouldn't stay again, even had the stay been perfect. The location is just too far down the strip.

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