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For Assholes, We Apologize

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 23rd June 2009 12:48pm
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At some point during the last 12 hours an error began appearing on VegasTripping that promoted a piece of virus scan "software" via javascript alert. The modal prompt offered one option to users, to download malicious software. The only way out of it was to force quit your browser and destroy your session and whatever other stuff you may have been working on at the time.

VegasTripping has NEVER, is NOT, and NEVER WILL contract with purveyors of Adware, Malware or other installers of malicious software on our sites. Having a trusting relationship between VT and its readers is paramount to what we do and to jeopardize that for ill-begotten gains goes against every cell in our bodies.

I am 10000x more irate and pissed off than any of you who encountered this are.

We have traced the error to a rogue advertising campaign which, by the time we contacted our advertising partners, had already been caught, squashed and removed from our site and thousands of others it was appearing on.

To the assholes who planted this malware: FUCK. YOU.

To our readers who were inconvenienced by this supremely annoying distraction, I offer you unparalleled apologies. I personally guarantee that there is no way in hell that we would sanction such behavior.

Thanks go out to the many kind readers - Robert, Jim, Michele and David -who spotted this, called bullshit and contacted us as soon as possible. You rule.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm curious, I was on your site earlier today, but never had any problems. I even posted a few things to the board, as I'm on vacation have have lots of spare time this week. Were Mac users effected? Because I had no problems.

yes, it was spawned by javascript which runs in all browsers. at least two of the first bunch of people who contacted us were using mac's. i use a mac and was working on stuff on the site until 4am last night and didn't see it either.

Yes, there were a few anxious moments this morning when I saw this screen alerting me to various maladies in my pc. No apologies are necessary. Thanks, Chuck for the heads up later in the morning.

How did you know they were "fat"? Assholes yes, but did you ask them their weight? Yer site still rocks!! No apologizes needed. But really, maybe they were like me, and they would rather be known as "Mass challenged" or if they are fat, maybe they were just pleasantly plump?

No, on second thought, they are fat assholes, the hell with this P.C. bullshit (and I ain't talkin personal computers here people) Way to go Chuck, tell it like it is brother!! A-freakin-men!!!

never mind my last comment, for some reason, "for" looked just like "fat" too me. It's way too early for me..... damn I feel dumb now....

The above comments from Spyder show the perils of Posting Under the Influence (PUI)...... :P

It bullshit like these malware downloads that can hurt the reputation of a site. For example, Google can actually list sites as being "harmful to your computer" because of such downloads that were maliciously put on the site by some asshole trying to slip one past the goalie. This hurts the ad providers as well, as they get a bad reputation because of assholes slipping bad ads through them (Although I'm sure there are some online ad providers who are sleazy and unethical scumbags who'll have no issue taking the money from scummy douchebags who have no real purpose in life than to try to steal personal information for financial gain.).

I believe what I receive when I went to this site was the "my personal scanner" virus. It was installing bullshit in my computer but I removed right away...and hopefully it didn't damage anything.

I don't blaim this site for it and will continue to visit this site regularly...but hopefully the assholes who did this stop their stupidity.

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