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I Found More Shit On eBay

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 21st June 2009 2:21am
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I collect Vegas stuff... the really cool stuff. Through the wonders of eBay, I've managed to snag uncut felt from a Binions Horseshoe blackjack table, all manner of vintage dice and chips, ashtrays going back to the 50's, limited edition posters, slot machine glass and one of my favorites... an incredibly detailed sculpture of the Las Vegas strip. I've still got a number of items on my want list... dice from the Moulin Rouge, anything that has a large VegasWorld logo on it and an original door key from the Sands or Dunes.

While searching for some of these objects of my desire, I stumble upon some fascinating - and bizarre - stuff...

This guy is selling pornslapper cards... 6/$.99 w/$2.99 shipping. Seriously?

Need 10 pens stolen from MGM Grand? Look no further - $1.00. Five pens poached from Palazzo are apparently "VERY HARD TO GET", hence the $1.25 price tag.

The Incredible Hulk Issue #347 from 1988... The Hulk goes to Vegas loses at the slots, and hooks up with two showgirls!

A May 1942 comedic newspaper from Las Vegas American Legion Post #8 called The Legion Liar. The photos show a full page advertisement for the Apache Hotel & Casino (Col. Buffalo Bill Russell, Manager.) Definitely worth eyeballing just to see how casino marketing pitches have changed (slightly) in the last 67 years.

An undrilled Moulin Rouge $5 chip - $699. Most of the MR chips in circulation were drilled by Feds who closed the joint down in 1955, very few undrilled chips are floating around.

Learn how to barbecue with this Binion's Horseshoe cookbook. I hope rattlesnake stew is in there.

Limited edition $8 Chinese New Year Of The Bull chips from Wynn Las Vegas. Never seen these before.

Some of you might remember these, 1965 Hi-Lo Dice Slot Game from Fitzgeralds.

100 $5 chips from the dearly departed Bourbon Street casino.

T-shirt worn by Stardust Closing Team, November 1, 2006

And finally... the hottest item we found : a Bob Stupak for Mayor? You Bet! button.

Let the betting begin!



Comments & Discussion:

Hey if you want some stuff, I have the following:

A real room key from the Mirage from back when they used real keys and not the credit card electronic keys they use now.

Coin buckets from a half dozen different imploded Vegas casinos

Player's club cards from several different casinos that used punched square holes in the card to record your information instead of a magnetic strip. These include the Frontier, Stardust, Lady Luck, and many more.

Receipt from my first Vegas trip when I got a Steak And Lobster Tail dinner for just $4.95 at the Desert Inn.

That sculpture of the Las Vegas Strip sounds cool. Any possibility you could maybe post up a picture of it or describe it on what it looks like or something?

I have a "hard to find" Encore pen. How lucky is that?

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