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Sahara Dollar Days Returns - $1 Blackjack, Beers, Dogs and Shots

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 4:11pm
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Calling all cheapskates, low rollers and recently unemployed MySpace employees... Dollar Days promotion is back at the Sahara.

Everything is on sale at Sahara for the unbelievable low price of $1 - dollar hot dogs, dollar beers, dollar shots (with a freebie souvenir shot glass) and the big whammo - dollar blackjack tables.

For a mere $40 you can get your self stuffed, smashed and shellshocked by Sahara's crew of finely manicured speed-dealing Vietnamese dragon lady blackjack coolers.

4 hot dogs = $4
4 shots = $4
10 beers = $10
22 hands of blackjack = $22


0 shots = $0
3 beers = $3
17 hands of blackjack = $17
22 hot dogs = $22


0 shots = $0
16 beers = $16
19 hands of blackjack = $19
5 hot dogs = $5


1 shot = $1
1 beer = $1
1 hot dog = $1
37 hands of blackjack = $37

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Clicking the One Buck Blackjack link on the www.saharavegas.com website goes to "PAGE NOT FOUND." Hopefully, they'll open some more tables later today.



Comments & Discussion:

Even money for a dollar(or even $4) blackjack is not blackjack. Apparently 6:5 wasn't making enough money.

This is bringing back a lot of memories for me. My first forays into vegas included $1 blackjack at the Sahara. My friends and I had a formula. One time I was up over $400 on the tables after starting with $20. Kokomo was playing in the background, the white Russians were flowing. Good times.
One more year in Syrapukes, NY and they will have to drag me out of that wonderful place.

Wow! But I have a couple questions. How long will $1 Blackjack last? Is it available 24/7? If not 24/7, what time of day is the best to go?

Finally, a reason to go back inside the Sahara. I have never seen a place that looks so inviting from the outside and so crappy on the inside.

Regarding Sahara Dollar Days-what is the expiration date on the promotion?

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