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The Binions Deli Pricing Game

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 3:39pm
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If you've ever found yourself at a dining establishment and were served an add on salad that consisted of four pieces of limp iceberg lettuce, 1 sliver of tomato, two rings of an onion a crouton and a pill cup full of bleu cheese for which you were charged $2.95 for, you are gonna love this.

VT reader extraordinaire and Binions regular Vespajet was refreshing his memory of the many fabulous dining options available at Benny's old place when he stumbled across some inner pages of a downloadable menu on the Deli page.

Here we see a spreadsheet of the Deli menu, with pricing, 90 day sales, costs, COS% (subtract from 100% to see 'markup prices', proposed new prices, increase, new COS, and projected increase of revenue as the result of the price increase.


Other than the obvious hilarity of this being posted on the Binion's website, there are some fascinating bits of information to glean from the data.

The Bay Shrimp Cocktail has been operating as a loss leader at $1.29/$1.25 cost, presumably to keep folks from walking over to the Golden Gate for their legendary shrimp cocktails. Also, they're raising the price to $1.99, same for the Golden Gate de-luxe.

The most popular item on the Deli menu is the Pastrami sandwich, priced at $6.95, but increasing to $6.95, upping the house take by $490.00 over the next 90 days.

The least popular item is the Hobo Stew, which was enjoyed by one person every three days. You couldn't pay me to eat a hobo. The hobo stew has been marked for removal from the menu.

Oh and that add on dinner salad? It costs $.60 to make.

So how can we, the enterprising Las Vegas tourist, use this information to our benefit? Simple... use it as a tool to confuse the server, shift manager and everyone else up the management ladder you talk to. Print out all four pages of the menu, (two pages, double sided!) fold it up and put it in your wallet or Louis Vuitton bag. Head over to Binions, then take it out when looking at the menu. When the waiter asks what you want, have them come over and look at the price list on you "printed out from YOUR website yesterday" and make a big stink about how the advertised prices and the prices on the menu are different blah blah blah consumer protection agency blah blah blah gonna post about this on Yelp.com blah blah blah Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Association blah blah blah Better Business Bureau blah blah blah Honey, let's go to the Golden Nugget blah blah blah.

It is guaranteed to maybe work, but you've got to approach the whole thing as a 'character' and be prepared to leave if you don't get what you want. At the very least it will be a great attempt at a supreme gag, at the most it will be all that plus a savings of $2.50 on your meal (big whoop.)

Should you attempt the "Binions Deli Pricing Game" please report back with the results, we're dying to know how this works out.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm going to set the over/under for them finding out about this gaffe and fixing it at 3 days.

They've slightly tweaked the site, which is why I was checking the menus for the various restaurants at Binion's (thinking perhaps they had finally tweaked them as well). Imagine my surprise when I see the PDF for the deli being 9 "pages" in length. I got to wondering, what all could they have here? The snack bar, which has a similar menu, was only a single PDF page. That chart was definitely not for public consumption. Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do....

""priced at $6.95, but increasing to $6.95, upping the house take by $490.00 over the next 90 days.""

Now THATS some fancy math they're doing. We need them to help out with the economy.

It appears to be fixed now. I just tried (Tursday 10 am EDT) to download it and a 1 page PDF of the menu, without prices, comes up.

Not surprised that the mistake was fixed so quickly. After all, many of the casino operators have folks that read the various Vegas sites.

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