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Welcome The New Hotness : WinoTripping.com

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 15th June 2009 6:51am
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If there is one thing we (and probably you) like as much as gamblin', it's getting lit up like a Christmas tree on great booze. After 18 months of planning, research, drinking and squeezing the last drops of available elbow grease from our crack staff of technodorques (me) we are are unbelievably proud to announce a new addition to the family - WinoTripping.com - A Wino's Guide To Tripping Wine Country.

The subject may be slightly different, but the goal is the same : to kick the snoot spewing snobs to the curb and create a place where folks who love tripping wine country can come to share what they remember of their experiences - good bad and amazing - in a thoughtful, provocative and fun place on these here intenets.

To most, the name Napa is more closely related to brake pads than it is wandering around Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather-esque mansion sipping the juicy fruits of his other labor of love. Tripping Wine Country is sheer mystery. Where is wine country? What wineries are there? Do they do tastings? What the hell is a wine tasting anyways? Do I have to wear a tie?

In the same way we uncovered the Chinese gambling mecca of Macau with MacauTripping, which was the first English language guide to Macau's casinos ever published, WinoTripping uncorks the wine country experience, which is spread through almost 10 counties in Northern California, about 40x the landmass of Macau and 10x the size of Clark County, Nevada (at least). And that doesn't count the wineries popping up in Oregon and Washington either.

WinoTripping's editor in chief RC (who posts here under the name theSleep) is my bestest friend in the entire world. Rich and I met almost 30 years ago in Miss Gornie's 6th grade art class. He loves metal as much as he does wine, is a ripping guitar player and will gladly share stories with you about the time I flailed about on the kitchen floor of his old flat in San Francisco at the apex of one of our many legendary weekend long LSD benders. He's the Dr. Gonzo to my Raoul Duke, the Adrian Smith to the Dave Murray, the Angus to the Bon Scott. We were having a bromance long before the jerks who invented that stupid term were even born. Simply put, if you think I'm nuts, you don't know the half of it. I'm ticked red, white and rose that y'all are going to get to know him as well as you will wine country.

Ok enough already. Let's pop this fucking cork. Welcome to WinoTripping, best enjoyed with a glass half drinkerd.

And the disclaimer: Please bear with us as WinoTripping takes its first staggering steps, grows into its clothes, and occasionally poops its pants. As with any new piece of web software, there will be bugs.

P.S. We don't support IE6 anymore.

P.P.S. Follow @winotripping on the Tweeter.



Comments & Discussion:

Oh my lord! You guys don't know the work Sir Charles puts into these websites. Having done a small amount of HTML tinkering in the past, I had an inkling of what goes into a page like VT. But I got to see it firsthand these past 18 months while working with him on WinoTripping. And man, I can tell you that Chuckmonster is the hardest working, and most dedicated, dude in the blogesphere. In fact, to call his efforts a "blog" is to outright insult his undertaking.

I want to publicly thank my dearest old friend, and website mentor, Chuckmonster for all his work setting up, coding, and creating the beautiful look of the WinoTripping site. This is the best idea we've had since that time (around 1995?) we put together that concept record/musical about the evil blimp: The Luminous Balloon. Good stuff.

Anyway, if I can summon up even half of his passion for WinoTripping, (I think I can), you are all in store for a treat. We have some big plans and projects in the works, (think: Vegas & wine), so don't touch those dials!

Being in the wine/liquor industry, and somewhat of a wine snob, I am very excited by this news.
Paso Robles is my favorite region, by the way.

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