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TI Reboots Pirate Schtick On New Website

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 14th June 2009 3:51am
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TI - Treasure Island has rebooted its website, bringing back a healthy dose of long-since-banished pirate schtick in the form of knife pinned parchment proclamations poached from the 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' playbook.

Poking around the new website (which is pretty bitchin) you'll find these little notes strewn throughout:

TI Returns Pirate Schtick

Mostly comical... although giving us permission to "fire at will" at the dealers is probably not a good idea. Also, 'yippee ki yay' is missing a coupla words at the end. Finally, am I the only one who thinks of Caddyshack when they see the words "Drop Anchor!" ??

While other Las Vegas resorts have been de-theming at an alarming rate, the poop deck swabbers at Treasure Island appear to be doing the opposite. Can I get a hooray?

I'll walk the plank if anyone can prove to me that this website/pirate theme reboot was not in process before MGM Mirage sold the joint to Phil Ruffin. Building a site as detailed and complex as this takes 6-10 months from concept to launch, at least.

Hooray, themes are back!



Comments & Discussion:

I love the "When luring a Siren, wait at least 10 minutes before requesting that she surrender her booty." one the best.

Unless Phil splashed out the cash to get a team to do the revamp double quick, I think you might be right.

To the stripwalker this isn't really new. ;) This style of marketing, particularly with the little notes hanging by a knife, has been lurking in the corners of the joint since sometime in the winter. In particular, a photo of people in a room with "Retire to our Finest Corners" has been in one of those glass chambers on either side of the entrance upstairs at the Fashion Show Mall bridge opposite a Mystere ad for ages, though I think they recently took it out and replaced it with Players Club Holiday Shop again.

If you want to see desperately piratey, go to a TI gift shop. They don't have the towel with the knock-off of Johnny Depp's pirate on it anymore that I know of (which always to me screamed, "god we should have reconsidered this pirate thing if we knew Disney was going to make a fortune on it") but the old skull from the marquee is on a lot of stuff.

I was there in late March- Two weeks after the Ruffin takeover, (2-3 months after the takeover was known) and they were still using the MGM/Mirage players cards. Whats more, the employees at the players desk were all but denying the fact that Ruffin was the new owner... It was like they were told to let visitors think that MGM still owned the joint.

Funny thing was, I went there because it was PHIL'S new casino, NOT MGM"S. I didnt spend a minute at Mirage/Bellagio/Monte Carlo.

Glad to hear that Ruffin hung onto the Gilley's franchise too-

I am concerned about that note. Do they mean "drop anchor" as in "I gotta drop an anchor, be back in a minute" or "I dropped my anchor into her". Is the obliqueness the joke, or is there something I am missing?

my translations, from upper left across to bottom right
- you can steal stuff from them and still sleep there
- methods of cheating are ok, i guess
- rape is optional, but only after "requesting" the ol' angry pirate
- eat before stealing (see first and second bullet points)
- if you run out of chips, hit the dealer with a chair
- if the chair fails, shoot the dealer
- Bruce willis apparently stays here
- Shit at will

@nullzero great pirate-ese translations matey!

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