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Pink's Brings Snap Dogs to Planet Hollywood

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 13th June 2009 3:11am
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Pinks Planet Hollywood

A little taste of my neighborhood is moving to Vegas. No, not corn on the cob on a stick, slathered in mayo and cayenne... the dirty water snap dog as perfected by Pink's in Hollywood.

After years of foreplay, Pink's hot dogs will be opening its second location at Planet Hollywood - finally - in August 2009. Pinks and local L.A. stalwart Trader Vics - the tiki bar P-Ho copy/pasted from the Beverly Hilton - were announced at the same time. Trader Vic's announced it is closing last week, and Pinks is opening... for those keeping score at home: Hollywood 1, Beverly Hills 0.

The original Pink's (Melrose & La Brea) is about five blocks away from VTHQ. At all times, day or night, there is a line 25-50 people deep waiting to fill their gut with dirty water snap dogs as only Pink's serves em.

Pinks Planet Hollywood

Here's a sampling of their menu offerings, which I predict - when it it opens - will be the basis of 28.6% of listener call ins to FiveHundyByMidnight from August until March of 2010. Why? Bacum.

Bon appetit!

Bacon Burrito Dog - Big flour tortilla wrapped around 2 hot dogs.3 slices of cheese, 3 slices of bacon, chili and onions

Poli Bacon Burrito Dog - Big flour tortilla wrapped around 1 Polish dog (mild or spicy), Chili, Onions

Giant 12" Jalapeno Dog - Mustard Chili and onions

Pastrami Burrito Dog - Big flour tortilla wrapped around 2 hot dogs, grilled pastrami, swiss cheese, chili & onions.

Guacamole Dog - Dog with guacamole on it

Pastrami Reuben Dog - dog with pastrami, swiss cheese & kraut

Martha Stewart Dog - 10" stretch dog, relish onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut & sour cream.

The Ozzy Spicy Dog - Spicy polish dog with nacho cheese, american cheese, garlic, bacon, guacamole & chopped tomatoes.

What if you don't want a dirty water snap dog? There are other, equally bombastic, options... including Chili Cheese Chicken Burrito - Big flour tortilla wrapped around 2 chicken breasts, cheese, chili & onions, Tamale Topped With Chili, Chicken Fajita Burrito.

Dogs are the new burgers.

PS. Thanks to VT posse membro @ratherfancy for sharing his Pink's pics with us.



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Great hot dog place, but they've been on the slippery slope to franchised mediocrity since, well, whenever it was that people started waiting in line for 25 minutes for them. The brand is just too valuable. You can't expect something good to last too many generations beyond the people who create it, so why not just sell the brand?

Of course, if any kind of product can survive franchising intact, I suppose it would be hot dogs.

So you and the Ms. actually live in West Hollywood??? I wish I lived somewhere that wasn't here.....I hate Florida and everything that goes with it. The beach sucks. I want to live somewhere sleazy where there's action...

Wasn't Pink's where Bruce Willis proposed to Demi Moore?

How romantic!

Wasn't there a Pink's there when it was the Aladdin. I remember because I ate there. And also a year or two ago they sold Pink's but it was through a vendor on the 2nd story casino floor.

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