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For Sale : Chuck's 40th Birthday

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 8th June 2009 5:14pm
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If a dorquebag most famous for being married to a famous person's sister (and being in a band nobody remembers) can get paid for having their birthday party at Bellagio well why the hell can't I?

Let's go to the videotape!

VT vs Fall Out Boy

A quick glance at Alexa web stats service shows that traffic to Fall Out Boy's website is just about equal to VT's. Judging by the downward spiral of Fall Out Boy's graph (red) they are screaming towards the 'where are they now file' in a hurry. Conversely, VT's graph (blue) shows us trending upwards slowly and steadily.

VT and Fall Out Boy have reached a statistical crossroads, they did it with the help of a multinational corporate marketing operation getting their faces plastered in tabloids and videos on MTV2. We did with the help of folks like you, who told their friends, who told their friends. Oh, and we sold our souls to satan.

Stats don't lie.... VT is as popular on the internet as Fall Out Boy. Where's my fucking birthday party?

I hereby offer the opportunity for any and all Las Vegas casinos to pay me to visit their property on my 40th birthday - November 7, 2009. I'll post accounts of the events on VT, live blog via Twitter and Ustream, I won't spit on photographers, will happily sign autographs, do interviews with journalists and spin records in the dj booth until the joint turns into a booze drenched sweaty mosh pit that would make G.G. Allin and Mastodon proud. Oh, and the event needs to be free to all VT readers.

Interested deep pocket parties, please contact us with serious offers only.



Comments & Discussion:

I can't promise all that no spitting on photographers stuff that Chuck promised, but I swear to Baby Jesus that I'll give a full account on WinoTripping of all the great wine being served at the event... with special coverage to any winery that signs up as a sponsor, (Hint: free tastings throughout the night would be a hit!).

Hopefully Steve Wynn contacts you soon!

Aww! Your birthday is a month to the day before my wedding. You and your wife will have to ride out in December (hell we'll be there for a week) and we'll have to meet up for dinner or something.
We're having our wedding reception at Tacos and Tequila in the Luxor.
(Everyone agreed on Mexican and this place sounded the most affordable)

Love the reception local! Let us know the time and we will do our best to join ya!

Whenever I have been in negoiations with him, he has made it clear that his name is Satan with a capital S. I hope you did not sell your soul to an impostor, who will not give you the full moments of earthly pleasure that you are to receive in exchange for eternal torture and damnation.

@jeff uh oh. better check that contract... and start woodshedding the guitar licks.

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