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VT in NYT : The Actual Paper (pics)

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th June 2009 4:35am
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This past Sunday, I headed up to the local 7-11 to pick up two copies of the New York Times, inside of which contains a quote of some words I posted on this little website of ours. I got one for the archives and one for my Dad, a 79 year old native New Yorker who followed me out west with my Mom a dozen or so years ago. Mom gets home delivery at the big casino in the sky.

The most fascinating part of the whole experience was not seeing our name and the quote sprayed on newsprint, or that the writer, Michelle Higgins, saw to capitalize our name correctly (VegasTripping.com) but the shocking price tag associated to Sunday Times : $5 a pop!

Anyways, I thought that some of our most intrepid readers - the ones who remember the green, pink and blue version of VT (you know who you are *cough* Vespajet *cough*) - might be interested in seeing how it looked in the 'actual' newspaper.

Via the wonder that is digital photography, here's 'the paper':


The Masthead + Article Headline


The Money Shot

And with that, I'm done talking about it... at least until I'm driven to take it out, fold it up and use it to swat some deserving doofus swiftly in the back of the head.



Comments & Discussion:

1. So very awesome. What's next? A real paper, like The New York Post?

2. You got the last $5 version, as this week the CA NYT will be $6, (still a dollar cheaper in NY).

kudos to VT! a rare sign of the NYT showing good taste these, and good research skills these days... Still. it's the New York "F'in" Times.


$5 for the NYT? The AJC is still a bargain at $2.50. Of course the NYT is still probably hernia-inducing in weight.....

It's good to see the actual in print article. Getting the site mentioned in what truly is the "national" newspaper (USA Today may claim that they're a national newspaper, but until they actually start producing weekend editions instead of a Friday/Saturday/Sunday edition, they're not a real national newspaper.) is cool indeed. The biggest newspaper I've ever had my name printed in was the campus newspaper in college, and that was about seven or eight times for plays that I was in the cast for.

This is a big win my man.

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