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Caesar's Palace

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 26th May 2009 5:16pm
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I'm not afraid to admit that I am a lousy speller and a lousy writer. I don't use spell check, I don't reference language rule books and certainly don't have proofreaders or editors to double and triple check my work for booboos. As far as writing goes, I've got no class, literally - save a semester doing paste up for the college newspaper.

Mr. Steve Friess eloquently told me (paraphrased), "you are not a journalist, you are a hard working tourist." Steve works for the New York's Time's, which has editors', proofreader's and dozen's of other employee's who'se job it is to cros's t's, dot i's and keep s'taff writer's from making classic mistake's like thi's:

To be perfectly clear, Mr. Friess didn't write this, the NYT's top politics blogger Jeff Zeleny did. I like the New York's Time's, particularly the Politic's section's. I even contemplated buying a sub'scription to bring the physical paper to my door's step here in sunny Los Angeles' to show my support for the print media.

I decided that I'm going to postpone the purchase until after my stay at Caesar's Palace. Which I booked via Expedia's:



Comments & Discussion:

There's no telling how many folks have called it Caesar's Palace instead of the way Jay Sarno intended, Caesars Palace. Surprisingly, when you enter "Caesar's Palace" on Google, you don't even get the "Did you mean Caesars Palace?" message.

Seems as though the NYT is not the only one adding an improper apostrophe in the name.




You may not use any guidebooks, Chuck, but the second 'graf adhere to the rules contained in the Douchebag Manual Of Style.

thanks dave!

You know when they opened the Augustus Tower, the street sign off Flamingo also said "Caesar's Palace." It was on a street sign -- for months!!! But thanks for relieving me of culpability here. I do spend a lot of time reminding editors that it's Caesars, not Caesar's.


P.S. Did I really say that about Chuck? I know I've said that about Tim & Michele and they wear that as a badge. But I think that the Tripping sites are absolutely a form of journalism. So I revise that notion here, assuming I actually said it!

@thestrip yes sir you did, and referenced the FHBM when conveying it. i didn't exactly understand what you meant by it at the time, but after giving it a little thought, I came to see how liberating a description it was.

I was walking through Caesars Palace today (yeah, I am in town!) and noticed a set of slots named "Romes Riches".

I choose to look at it as an inside joke.

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