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Obama In Vegas Photo Ops

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 26th May 2009 3:59am
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Air Force One will be landing at McCarran International Airport (photo op!) at 5:50pm local time today, bringing President Obama to Las Vegas for the $40,000,000,000,000 No Limit Bail 'Em Out Tournament at the WSOP a fundraising gig at Caesars Palace and a night in the Rain Man suite. Security at Caesars Palace will be tighter than their slots (if that is even possible) so we recommend that you leave your hash pipe and concealed weapons at home.

Entertainment for the shindig will be provided by Clint Holmes, Rita Rudner and Bette Midler, perhaps as punishment for saying those semi-nasty things about banks blowing bail out funds on Vegas client junkets earlier this year.

On Wednesday, The President will be making a trip out to Nellis Air Force Base for a press conference (photo op!).

It is a foregone conclusion that traffic will be a complete nightmare as the President's limo zips up and down The Strip (photo op!) and his zip goes down then up on Industrial Road (photo op bonus round!)



Comments & Discussion:

I am surprized that Air Force One isn't landing and taking off from Nellis instead of McCarren. For most 'normal' Presidents, the Secret Service prefers to land at a military base over a civilian airport because it is more secure and causes less disruption to normal air traffic. Guess this makes me think that Obama doesn't care about anyone else besides himself and doesn't care about the inconvenience landing at McCarren causes for normal people.

I also heard that the Nev. Governor refused to come and shake Obama's hand because of Obama's comments about Vegas and the adverse effect it has had on the whole state.

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full!

Sounds like you're not totally up to date on how presidential airlifts work. The President doesn't actually fly the plane or file the flight plans... that's the First Lady's job. Michelle isn't feeling well so I think Hillary is subbing this week.

In all seriousness, the USAF Presidential Airlift Group, in conjunction with the White House Military Office (DOD) and the US Secret Service plan these trips. Which airport to land at is not a decision that reaches the Oval Office. They don't disclose security criteria but driving to Nellis when the hotel is 5 minutes from McCarran is likely deemed an unnecessary risk (and shuts down the highways AGAIN - not a fun thing for a commuter). I'm making this assumption since every president I can recall back to Clinton (dunno about GHWB or RR) always used McCarran for their Las Vegas stops. This is not a partisan issue, the above agencies are not political operations.

Yes, it will cause flight delays. Such is the nature of presidential travel. The upside is that Air Force One is a respected symbol of the United States and gosh darnit, people do love to see it take off and land. I guarantee the tourists at the airport will tell their friends they 'saw Obama in Vegas'.

As far as Gov. Gibbons, I would argue he has done FAR more to hurt Nevada than a one-off comment made by the President but my state has it's own shoddy Governator so I'll let Nevadans worry about Jim Gibbons.

I know that whenever the President or Vice President has made an appearance in Atlanta, the airfield used for that trip is based on the location of whatever they are here for. Typically if the event is in Downtown Atlanta, they will use ATL since it is closer to Downtown. If the event is north of Midtown or in the Northern suburbs, they will use Dobbins Air Reserve Base since it is closer.

The Secret Service tries to keep the amount of driving time for the motorcade to the shortest amount possible since the motorcade is a very inviting target (even with the vehciles being heavily armored) for anyone wishing to do harm to the President.

Since the President is going to be staying at Caesars Palace, flying Air Force One into LAS is the preferred option in terms of drive time. If he was doing an in and out in a few hours at something Downtown, they would have used Nellis.

This is definitely one of those times where those who have hotel rooms that overlook LAS will have a nice photo op. I'm sure that they'll have all of the side roads around the various hangars and the Janet Terminal blocked off and probably will have the spotter's park over on Sunset on lockdown as well.

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