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VT: Now With 100% More MikeE

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 24th May 2009 1:03am
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Dave Mustaine once said that that he'd never have a guitarist in Megadeth who couldn't shred him under the table.

It is with extreme delight and excitement that I announce the addition of MikeE to the VegasTripping editorial staff.

As I'm sure most of you know, Mike has been a regular contributor to and an essential community voice for one of our favorite blogs - Adm. Hunter H. Hillegas' Two Way Hard Three. Worry not fellow TWHT fans, Mike will continue to post reports and offer opinions as exquisitely as always, unabated or constrained by his contributions here.

In addition to his TWHTisms, Mike is a trusted and influential member/moderator on numerous Las Vegas message boards and a regularly side-splitting drunk dialer to Five Hundy By Midnight podcast. If that wasn't enough resume for ya, he possesses a near encyclopedic knowledge of the best stuff in Las Vegas.

Beyond the 702, Mike E truly is an undeniably fascinating guy with whom I share many interests. His studious dedication to unraveling the mathematics of musical aesthetics and balls out ability to scream "MONKEY" with timbre and amplitude seldom heard this side of Macau proves to us that his passion is emotional, his intellect is analytical he finds joy in the thorns of questioning and comfort in living his life to, at and beyond the edge.

Simply put, he is the only Mike E we know and we can't wait for you to know him - and his world of Vegas tripping - too.

Help us welcome MikeE by sending him a shout out and following him on Twitter (@Mike_E).

Welcome MikeE!

As for me, I'm retiring to a villa in the south of France to work on my memoirs, at least until my number comes up one morning soaking in the tub or sitting on the can I'm hoping to have a slight bit more time to put the pedal to the metal on a handful of the exciting technological components that are going to be incorporated into the final version of VT 5.0 and continuing on my quest to piss off the entire global casino industry by telling the truth.


- Chuck



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Who is this MikeE fellow you speak of? Is he just some mysterious, imaginary character that you're dreamed up in your head?

I hope he ain't all hung up on pukin' and crappin' twinkies like that Chuck dude was.

I hear he's a dick.

But seriously, that might be the most flattering thing I've ever read.

It's an honor, Chuck. Thank you.

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