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New Foobs Revues : Holly Madison + Carmen Electra

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th May 2009 2:00pm
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Jiggling soon to a Las Vegas stage near you - two pair of foobs, only slightly used by two celebridouche doods who share more than a passing resemblance.

To the left, foobxhibit A: Holly Madison, former 'wife' of Hugh Hefner and 'Squeeze 08' of the unbelievable Criss Angel. Soon to be appearing at the areola enhanced PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood (no, not the wine bar at Mandalay Bay doofus, although to be fair, I think that too).

To the right, foobxhibit B: Carmen Electra, former wife of Jane's Addiction guitar noodler Dave Navarro, 'Squeeze II' of Hans Klok (remember him?). Ms. Electra is rumored to be joining the cast of Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury... under penalty of foobjury we ask you to render a verdict... which of these newly enhanced shows is the winner : Crazy Horse Paris or PEEPSHOW?

Bone-us question: which of these ladies had a fling with his purple badness, The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince?



Comments & Discussion:

I think Peepshow is the winner here, as Crazy Horse Paris' move is akin to stunt casting on a TV show for sweeps week. Carmen is doing one week of shows, while Holly has signed a 90 day contract to do the show. Carmen Electra isn't as relevant these days as Holly Madison is. Carmen was relevant say ten years back, not so much these days.

It was Carmen who dated the odd purple one, as he was the one who gave her the name Carmen Electra.

@ Vespajet, not that it's a bad thing, but you know a lot about Carmen Electra, do I sense some cyber stalking here?

Carmen Electra FTW

No cyberstalking. Google search and Wikipedia.


It explains a lot that you think there are two lefts and no rights on your foobxhibit.

@atl yes sir... i am proud to admit that I am left handed. thanks for catching the fboofboo.

And it has to say something about me that I can look past such nice foobs to see typos.

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