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Selling THEbrand - Bellagio Goes Dubai Bye

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 19th May 2009 10:38am
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MGM Mirage has partnered with another Dubai outfit - Pearl Dubai FZ LLC - this time to bring MGM Grand, Skylofts and Bellagio branded hotels (no casinos, yet) to Dubai Pearl in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Pearl is described as an "integrated luxury development" "in the heart of the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone." Luxury minus technology and media... I guess this means you have to check your cellphones and paparazzo cameras at the door.

Dubai Pearl has a website.

Thanks to VT reader Joe for sending the link.



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That's nice, but what I don't like is that MGM doesn't keep a solid design for each hotel when they expand the chain. If the MGM Grand in Vegas looks different than the one in Detroit or Macau, the hotels have nothing in common except their name. What Wynn and Adelson did was smart, because no matter where you go, you'll be able to identify that it's the Wynn or Venetian without even looking at the hotel sign.

If they stick the Bellagio in one of those towers, I think I'll never step foot in an MGM property again.

I don't think they're necessarily SUPPOSED to all look the same. If EuroDisney looked the same as the US one, who would want to go to both?

That said, Dubai is in a world of hurt so I'm putting Seconds To Fail on this one at 45.... 44....

What I want to know is how is MGM going to pull this off? They have no experience when it comes to building high end properties, or upscale hotels. They have always inherited the better properties that they currently own (ie: THEHotel, Bellagio and Mirage). Their own hotels have always failed miserably, look at MGM Grand, NY-NY and even CityCenter doesn't seem to be showing much promise. Aria is a 4000 room hotel with rooms that are the same size as Bellagio/Mandalay Bay? Were they asleep when Sheldon and Steve were building hotels with standard rooms that are 640 - 740 sq ft? Besides a good number of the Las Vegas crowd has historically always shown that they prefer the more intimate hotels... Which is why the MGM Grand has gone through so many "upgrades" and "renovations"... be it creating separate wings, lounges (a la WestWing, Skylofts, etc) or trying to con you into thinking that The Signature is one of the premiere upscale destinations in LV. Sighhh, just my rant.

Definitely agree with TIavEN.
There has to be some sort of consistency when creating a brand. If they're trying to create the "MGM Grand" brand or "Bellagio" brand, there absolutely has to be similarities! Take a look at any other hotel brand around the world. Do Westins not look similar to one another? Sheratons? Hiltons? Holiday-Inns? You're building this hotel (be it MGM Brand or Bellagio) because you're trying to attract those who appreciate that particular brand... well if your hotel looks totally different, then how do you figure you're going to attract those customers? Simple marketing 101.

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