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Hotel32 at Monte Carlo

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 8th May 2009 1:16pm
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MGM Mirage has begun cryptically marketing new suite branding for the redesigned fire damaged 32nd floor of Monte Carlo under the name Hotel 32.

The mini-site linked in the announcement is short on details, but long on style. The flash slideshow of Hotel 32 features copious numbers of suite renderings, set atop a fire engine red background (har har) and accompanied by a purposely heart throbbing dance track.

When I opened the Hotel32 website my blood started pumping, my mind raced with ideas, and I was ready to book it. After taking a moment to regain my composure and let the first sips of todays coffee do their much needed job... my regained wits tell me that Hotel32 is not only superb marketing of the highest order but evidence that a turd - in the form of a fire damaged hotel - can indeed be polished with enough insurance settlement money.

Hotel32's room renderings are similar in style, tone and decor as the other MGMMirage renovations. If you replay the video a number of times, you'll spot many similar linens, patterns, textures, fittings and furnishings found recently at TI, Mirage and Mandalay Bay.

MGM Mirage is continuing to chip away at the barnacles of sleepiness that encrust Monte Carlo. Will the addition of Hotel32 be the tipping point? I doubt it, but it surely is a great leap forward.

Two words : Replace Lance.



Comments & Discussion:

The Mrs. and I stayed at Monte Carlo in Jan. We really enjoyed the property. However, it is in need of some upgrading. The hotel floors and guest rooms and pretty damn bland and the common areas could use a sprucing up. Based on it's proximity to CC, it could be a really good (lower priced) option to Aria, Vdara, Bellagio.

P.S. Chuck, your just having your first sips of coffee at this hour of the day??

What's wrong with Lance?

i'm not lazy, i keep weird hours. i focus better when there isn't mariachi music blasting from all surrounding neighbors. went to bed at 6am PT this morning, up at noon. you wanna fight?

Nope, don't wanna fight. I'm just jealous. You see, I work for the man and he requires me to be at my desk at the crack of 9am.

brian - nothing inherently. if they want to amp up the profile of the joint, they should consider changing the guard. lance burton has been doing his schtick in vegas for almost 40 years... he was in an episode of Kojak when I was 8.

I agree with crapshooter to a tee. Monte Carlo is nice enough. My room was clean and it's a nice, short walk out to the Strip. It's just bland or homogenous. The theme of continential class (at least that's what I think it's supposed to be) isn't really realized here.

After City Center is up and running, this place will be the Flamingo except without the history, theme or good times to be had.

two words, mr. chuckmonster.
broken foot.

The Monte Carlo is our favorite hotel on the Strip, as is. We've stayed at the refurbished Mirage and find the new look of 2009 a mix of Ikea and the 1970's. It may be a new look to people in their 30's and younger. I know everything comes back, but I didn't like the 1970 decor then and like it even less now. Other hotel upgrades play on black, white and stainless steel, certainly an updated look, but reeks of bland. It is time for new entertainment at the Monte Carlo. Lance needs to move on.

I'm sure it will be nice, but if I wanted to spend more on a room I'd go to a resort that offers more fun and amenities on the whole property, and that's pretty easy price wise these days. My guess is they might want to align MC more along Planet Hollywood and try to make it a hipper/youth oriented property. It could CityCenter's feeder for more budget minded travelers/rowdy college kids.

Everybody has their favorite hotel, and I won't begrudge anybody who likes the Monte Carlo. However, I don't find really enjoy the property much. My biggest pet peeve is that they won't allow you to drink in the lazy river. Then why have a lazy river, damn it? Let me get this straight, kids can urinate to their heart's content in the lazy river, but I can't bring in my Natural Light? Dumb.

My prediction is that the MC gets torn down before the Tropicana. MGM will knock it down and make better use of it for City Center once the economy comes back.

now i just don't forsee this property getting torn down anytime soon (like 10 yrs). It seems like it would be a cash cow for MGM at this point, just like the other hotels built in the 90s. I know they want to eventually expand City Centre, but it's gonna be a long time before their finances get back into respectable shape. I still think the Circus Circus expansion/redevelopment/whatever would happen first, post-recession money crunch.

I think they will probably do a refurbish on it to extend it as long as possible

I like the Monte Carlo. I've stayed there twice and will be back for the third time in a couple of weeks. The humble Monaco Suites are very nice for budget-minded guests (like myself), but yeah, their regular rooms are borderline shabby and definitely in need of a retrofit.

Hopefully MGM Mirage will roll out a new look for all the property's rooms. I welcome a comfortable place in a perfect location that doesn't break the bank. The Monte Carlo fits the bill.

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