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Palazzo Reservation Fail

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th May 2009 2:02pm
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Miss Monkay sent me an instant message earlier today which said "let's book something for Vegas next weekend... I gotta do the thingy for my thingy."

Thingy for my thingy? I'm down with that.

Rather than assume the obvious, I asked her what thingy she was referring to and, alas, the thingy is going to Victorville to pay off the speeding ticket she got last time we were heading back from Vegas (103mph in a 65mph - another story altogether).

I decided to check rates of some of the joints I was interested in staying at... first stop being El Palazzo. Our friend (and Trippies nominated Vegaslinksmeister) justJoey sent us a slew of pix of his room (coming soon to a feature near you) and we were pleasantly surprised. If the price was right, I was gonna book it right then and there.

But the price wasn't right... in fact, the whole reservation system wasn't right.

Oooooops! I clicked the "Return to Home Page" link and ended up here:

Not good. I tried for a half hour to get it to work, but had no luck and gave up. Still, I'm curious how long it has been offline, and even if anyone knows about it. Do I get a free room by telling them that their reservation system is hosed? Doubtful.

As a guy responsible for keeping a web server running, I'm well aware that things go wrong... but what are the chances that the dude with the blog that writes about technical web snafu like these would encounter a busted reservation system? At one of the rarest of rare moments - being interested in booking a room at Palazzo?

Update: The reservation system is back online now, could've just been a maintenance window. In any case, they need to fix their error messaging to say as such and not leave us wondering. Finish the job!



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chumps. i can't get into the whole place, but i've eaten at two of the restaurants there now and both were excellent (carnevino and morels). either of those would be worth a visit...

As if I needed another reason not to stay at the megacenter(tm).

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