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By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th May 2009 5:33am
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While poking around the Bergman Walls & Associates LTD website for the previous Fontainebleau-related post, I found one curious item posted there that definitely deserves to be run up the flagpole.

BWA and Steelman Partners - two of the top architectural design firms in the casino bizness - occasionally publish some of their unapproved conceptual drawings to their websites. I'm not exactly sure why they do this, but if they're going to publish these to the internets, that means we're allowed to look at them and discuss.

The first of these is a set of exploratory sketches for a new, combined version of Excalibur & Luxor parcels. There are five or so different renderings of this project on the Bergman Walls & Associates LTD website, which can't be linked to directly (its flash.) The click path to see these is : Home > Gaming > MGM Master Plan.

My annotations in the screenshot above are in maroon.

Perhaps the most interesting concept here is that the Luxor and Excalibur parcels would most likely be combined into one gigantic CityCenter-ish parcel. Construction would take place on three sides of the existing hotel complexes and extend right to the strip frontage, another CityCenter-ism.

What is unclear is whether or not the new buildings (tinted blue) preclude the eventual destruction of the existing ones in future phases of this imaginary project. Wait, scratch that thought... they'd be stupid to build around Excalibur and keep limping along as some kind of McDonalds Playplace. It would also be a complete logistical and hospitality nightmare to maintain any kind of reasonable guest experience while constructing a 50 odd story hotel tower on the corner of The Strip and Tropicana. I don't really see any advantage in keeping Excalibur open during a 'build around it' scenario.

Would the buildings in the back be another condos N' stuff situation or would this be an aggregate of boutique hotel towers with their own ground floor retail/dining/casino complex.

If MGM Mirage had decided to give this the go ahead, building this would have been a miracle of dentistry wherein a tooth was reconstructed around a cavity. I'm willing to wager that the acquisition of the land north of Circus Circus and the partnership with Kerzner International (Circus Circus Center) put CityCenter South out to pasture.

It sure is fascinating to look at this stuff and let the imagination run wild.

There is also a thoroughly revamped Las Vegas Hilton set on the site which you can find thusly: Home > Gaming > Hilton LV Studies.



Comments & Discussion:

The design idea for where Barbary Bill's sits was pretty interesting. The designs ideas for the LV Hilton are interesting as well. Reskinning the tower makes sense, as it does look tired and dated.

2 thoughts: first, the Barbary Bill's vision looks a great deal like the "Trop One" rendering in hospitality.

Second, is the "Joshi" project Joshi as in Rohit Joshi, the guy who owns Neonopolis? The vestigial remains of the Fremont Street Experience in the 2nd image seem to suggest that yes, this is a reworking of Neonopolis. I don't think that's going to happen.

Actually, make that three thoughts: the AC Hilton renderings make it abundantly clear how crappy the current version is. We basically got the bare minimum expansion. I could do without the hotel on the parking garage across Pacific Avenue, but the beachfront blocks look fantastic--especially the bit on the other side of the boardwalk.

Our vision for Vegas
Downtown NYC.
That's it. In 20 years everything on the Strip will be tall glass and steel skyscraper buildings. It will all look the same and none of it will have any personality. It will no longer be the Vegas that I love now and I will probably find my travels/adventures elsewhere.
It's a long time before it becomes that....but it will happen....my life is traveling the world.

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