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Vdara Construction Photo Site

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 2nd May 2009 3:01am
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It is becoming more and more obvious that the casino companies are becoming keenly aware of the bleeding edge Vegas freaks' Vdesire* to peep and oogle construction photos of future resorts, as evidenced by the popularity of sites like VegasTaT, the photo galleries on RateVegas and our own photos.vt jobby.

To help satisfy the jones and curiosity of y'all (and probably a heaping handful of terrified investors) Vdara has put together a page of Construction Updates, with a bunch of photos taken from inside the scene as opposed to the Kilroy Wuz Here shots the rest of us have been tagging and collecting.

My personal favorite is Vdefinitely the Vdara pool deck shot, I'm starting to get a feel for what this joint is going to 'feel like.'

One thing I Vdon't quite understand is what exactly Vdara is. Is it ARIA's THEhotel, a condotel a la the Signature thingy out back behind MGM Grand or the Trump/Plaza/Frontier thingy or what.

No Vdoubt, the photos of the rooms at Vdara are breathtaking. The Panoramic Suites share the 'prison chic' vibe made popular at Golden Gate, just infinitely more luxurious and lovely. The VDeluxe, Vdara and City Suites look a helluva lot like the greatest 'standard' hotel room I've ever stayed in at Altira Macau (formerly Crown Macau). If Vdara's rooms have 50% of Altira's Vdesign panache, it might very well become one of my favorite hotels in Vegas.

More at Vdara.com

*: 'V' gag poached wholesale, without permission, from Vegas legend MikeE. I am Le Marteau Sans Maitre, flailing about with broken and bloodied thumbs, i.e. imitation is the sincerest form of flatulence.



Comments & Discussion:

Looking at those rooms, they definitely are up my alley design-wise. I may definitely have to consider booking a room there (even if for one night) for my Spring trip for next year.

Yeah they def do look slick. I like the way the Mandarin Oriental rooms looks to. Any idea when (and if) that's opening??

I was looking at travelocity and you can book aria and vdara for pretty reasonable rates in a flight/hotel package for january. looks like aria is going for about 160 a night, and vdara 120. That is only with the flight package tho. I was thinking about booking but I'd like to know if the pools will be open... or if the hotels will. Catch is, I heard vdara will have a resort fee tacked on.

brent - those are great deals. one other thing, pool season usually ends before those joints open so I wouldn't count on them being open.

yea i doubt the pools will be open. I was at wynn in january and the pool was open and fairly busy with northerners like myself, but apparently that place is the exception. I'd prefer a pool because I want something relaxing and I can't afford to gamble for long periods of time. Vdara will have a fairly big resort fee since its a condohotel, and I wouldn't be surprised if Aria quietly adds one, especially with their money woes.

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