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The Vegas Flu

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 27th April 2009 4:43pm
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I encountered this curious "Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands" sign above at the The California Hotel & Casino about a month ago.

No, it wasn't in a public bathroom but instead in a guest room.

Nearly every semi-regular visitor knows that Las Vegas is a crossroads where global illness congregates multiplies and relocates. The chances are much greater that you will bringing home a case of "The Vegas Flu" then a wallet full of cash.

Casino chips, slot machines, cash, escalators, handrails and door knobs are touched by tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of strangers every day. As a result, they become breeding grounds for a microcosm of unpronounceable microbes germs and cooties which want nothing more than to mind meld with you and your body.

With the news grabbing Swine Flu adding to the paranoia, we would like to remind VT visitors exactly what Boyd Gaming does to theirs - don't forget to wash your hands.

The best way to remember to wash your hands is to attach the activity to another activity. When you arrive at the hotel from the airport/cab, wash your hands. When you are about to start playing after hopping from joint to joint, wash your hands. When you leave a table or go cash in your chips, wash your hands afterwards. When you leave a slot machine or cash out a ticket, go wash your hands afterwards. When you are about to leave the casino/nightclub to go upstairs, wash your hands. When you walk past a bathroom, take a second and think of all the stuff you've touched lately then go in and wash your hands.

For the truly paranoid who see bathrooms as the epicenter of cootage, keeping a small container of hand sanitizer gel in your pocket. Not only does it work, but you can get one with nicotine added should you have such an addiction.

Your Vegas trip should be fun, not life threatening. Taking simple precautions will drastically reduce your chances of bringing home an illness.



Comments & Discussion:

Great tips. I'm always a bit annoyed by the lack of hot water in most public bathrooms these days. With the automated taps in most joints, you don't have the ability to crank up the hot water. The best you can usually get is lukewarm.

There was a news story this morning that said in the hot, dry air germs carry farther, up to 150 feet! Any sign of people wearing masks yet? Urgh! :(

We have tickets to the Grand Tasing May 8, at Ceasar's and that seems like an ideal set-up to catch the latest bug.

I dont know if anyone remembers, but the CAL was at the center of the Norwalk Virus outbreak a few years back. Seems the mass amount of Hawaiian visitors brought it back.. They had to scrub all their chips, surfaces, and i think I even heard of masks being worn by dealers.

A friend I was with in 04 played some VP there while I went to Binions.. 2 days later she was violently ill.


tommy - i remember that, but i thought it was centered at the flamingo mostly.

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