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Oh Yeah, Harrahs Website Fail

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 24th April 2009 4:02pm
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Harrah's launched a bunch of new hotel website templates a month or so ago, including a brand new Harrahs.com.

Looks like they forgot one thing. The most important thing. The thing that tells visitors that they are on the Harrah's website - their logo.

Maybe this is a new trend in website branding that I'm not aware of, but from past experience I'm reasonably confident that most companies like to have the name or logo of the company prominently displayed on the website.

To a degree, I understand the Harrah's branding dilemma, they have 13 branding marks that they are trying to corral into a larger entity. It could also be said that putting them all underneath a "Harrahs Entertainment" umbrella might not be the best thing for some of the sub-brands.

The way this website is laid out, one might think that the name of the company is "BestRateGuarantee" and their logo is a shield with a check mark (an icon which is virtually synonymous with anti-virus software.)

Also, whomever thought putting standard boiler plate footer links in the header as "navigation" needs to do a little internet surfing.

Complaints are empty hollaring without offering a solution. Move the branding bar to the top and re-design the faux-boiler plate links at the top into a sub-nav with a location menu and get rid of the quasi-duplicates (MyTR and Total Rewards)

Much better.

Gary, where should I send the bill?



Comments & Discussion:

That does look a whole lot better.

Harrah's website is unintuitive and bloated throughout though, so even if they did fix that part, it'd just be a band-aid.

IMHO, Harrah's has always had one of the worst websites. They really need to address this deficiency. Their latest advertising is based on what type of customer you are. This is a copy of MGM's approach, which I always thought was nothing more than a cute but misguided idea.

I suggest we open a discussion on who has the best website and what is good/bad for each. I actually like the Hard Rock site.

MGM property reservations are pretty straightforward. The only problem with it their confirmation email which hardly lists any details. If you book under a promotion, the email won't list it at all. I've had to call quite a few times and talk to a rep just to confirm that I was booked under the promotion properly.

Also Wynn's site is way too in love with itself with regard to the fade-in/fade-out flash transitions. And the site rotating with the mouse movement is cute the first time, but then gets dizzying after a while.

If Wynn made the site leaner and more user-friendly instead of bloated for the sake of eye candy, he'd probably be the winner.

On behalf of Harrah's we'd like to hire you to fix our website.
We can't really pay you, but you can use the buffet as much as you like and help yourself to any Total Rewards merchandise you want.

While we're at it, whatever happened to the rebranding of the company to Caesars Entertainment? The name Caesars exudes class while the name Harrah's exudes the same vibe as Wal-Mart does.


I think I heard last year that they were going to wait until their financial stuff gets back into order, or after they get out of bankruptcy protection if they do file, to make the changeover so they don't sully the Caesars name.

You'd think they'd realize the name became sullied in most everyone's minds after they bought it in the first place.

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