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Blogitorial: Me First, No Me First, No ME FIRST

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 23rd April 2009 7:40pm
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Updated to fix a busted link.

This might be a whole bunch of inside baseball that none of you give a Hooters about, but something I read recently got me thinking and... well... I excelled at sharing in kindergarten. K?

There is a pissing matching going on between writers for the local Las Vegas newspaper conglomerates over who has firstsies on calling for Criss Angel to skedaddle out of town, taking with his trunk o' tricks (and leaving Nikki Sixx's outfits at Vince's house on the way.)

LV Sun's John Katsilometes claimed first strike, with a piece he wrote on January 16, 2009.

LV CityLife's Steve Sebelius says 'nuh-uh' and that LVCL was first Angel naysayer in a piece published on December 11, 2008 - a whole month before The Kats Report.

Sorry guys... we've got both of you beat by almost a year. It didn't take Believe to make us realize that Mr. A is a boob.

Here it is, the 2007 Trippies Editors Pick for "Most Annoying", posted to the internets the first week of January 2008 and written a month or so beforehand.

For those too lazy to click, I quoth:

Every Monday morning Norm Clarke at the Review-Journal details who Mr. Angel has hooked up that weekend. You'd think that Mr. Sarantakos has got the skills to pay for the purple pills, but no. He ensnares starlets, porn babes and actresses for self-promotion purposes via tabloid headlines and talk show hot air. If only his disappearing act was real....

The great and powerful NORM! made mention of our pick, respraying the money shot in a Trippies recap dated January 8, 2008.

Ok, so we didn't exactly say... "Meh. Criss Angel should F-off all the way to Afghanistan" but... uh... we sorta did.

No, I'm not trying to horn in on a clock measuring match between local newsies, but merely break out the chime and give it a bong. I do not know, have not met nor intend disrespect towards any of the involved parties. I could honestly care less about who was the first person to post "FIRST" in the C.A.F.O.A.D comments thingy macrostructure. That includes us. I need not compare time pieces to know how sounds in bed.

Given the kvetching the mainstream media has (had?) heaped forth about bloggers being irresponsible jerks with nary a shred of journalistic standards, < craptastic language skills and zero-to-nil credibility, I find it fascinating that many of these media outlets have search/replaced their terminology and technology to 'compete' with the Bozo blogger brigade. They've replaced "Column(ist)" with "Blog(ger)", bolted on comments thingies and pimp Really Simple Syndication more than Really Simple Home Delivery.

Could it be that blogging inevitably inspires one to unleash their inner doofus, sans discrimination with respect to credentials - i.e. a fedora with a 3x5 'PRESS' card sticking out of the brim.

We now know that the lines of distinction between legitimate media and the rest of us has been obliterated - not by Bozos going pro.

Welcome aboard.

Incidentally, the rule of thumb I apply when defining the legitimacy of bloggers is asking them what they wear to work. If they wear clothes - shirts, ties, dresses, sweaters - they aren't bloggers. Uh oh. It's 6:23am... time to put my suit on and go to bed. I gotta get up by 2:30pm so I can have some coffee before recording the next VegasGang.



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"... time to put my suit on and go to bed"

A perfect reason for suit-jamas!

That's branding gold right there sprunt - Coming soon: Suitjamas Hotel & Casino!

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