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As The Cosmopolitan Turns...

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 4:25pm
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The saga of the Cosmopolitan continues today with the announcement by Hilton Hotels that their planned rebranding of the property into a "Denizen" hotel (see The Across The Street From Paris Hilton) has been cancelled due to... corporate espionage.

Remember that 'non-disclosure agreement' your old boss made you sign when you quit? Well... this is what happens when you fill your iPod, zip drive, thumb drive, middle finger drive and a Grateful Dead-sized fleet of '63 VW micro-busses with secret documents on your final day and promptly deliver them to your new boss.

From the LV Sun

Starwood [Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., owners of the 'W' brand - Ed], based in White Plains, N.Y., charged that [Ross] Klein, former president, Starwood Luxury Brands Group; and [Amar] Lalvani, former senior vice president, Starwood Luxury Brands Group, "aided and abetted by Hilton, stole massive amounts of proprietary and highly confidential Starwood information which was used to expedite Hilton's entry into the lifestyle hotel market, reposition its luxury brands and substantially reduce its costs and risks of doing so.

Don't forget to add Amar to your LinkedIn Profile!



Comments & Discussion:

I would guess Hilton will still manage the Cosmo, they just won't be able to use their new label, but I suppose they could be out of the deal all together now. If that's the case, it could be a positive for MGM, and it might open up another opportunity for MGM and DB to open up talks again. MGM could manage the Cosmo, and in return, DB could rework some finances for MGM, and help them out of their bind. I realize this might be a long shot, but its sure possible.

Brian - you really want MGM to buy that property don't you! Honestly, I don't see why they would want to take on someone's leftover brand new headache.

Until an owner steps into the picture, armed with an ample supply of magical branding pixie dust... the Cosmo is destined to fail.

I can almost hear the Cosmo saying... "Help me George Maloof, you're my only hope!"

Actually I think the Cosmo ought to be rebranded a Motel 6 and then Tom Bodett could do commercial for the place with the famous tag line that he is leaving the lights on for ya. After all, aren't Las Vegas room prices starting to approach Motel 6 price levels? Who ever thought you could book a room at the Bellagio for under $100 per night.

Motel 6 3/4. Final offer.

No, I don't want MGM to buy Cosmo at all. The project has nothing to offer, they tried to squeeze way too much, into too small of a space, the same with City Center. I DO was MGM to survive this, and DB needs someone to manage their hotel. So they could pay MGM a management fee to operate and manage the property for them. The last thing MGM needs is to own any more rooms in Las Vegas. But they are the best operator, and manager in the area, when it comes to squeezing profit out of a property.

I still don't get what a lifestyle hotel is. Aren't all hotels, by definition, designed to accommodate the living?

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