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Table Four Twenty

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th April 2009 3:07am
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The VT family would like to wish you and yours a very happy and unproductive high holy day today. If you're one of the few who knows not what we're speaking of ask one of your co-workers the following question: "is today a holiday or something?" If they answer with a grin, follow up with "are we gonna celebrate?" If they answer with a wider grin, go ahead and cancel whatever meetings you may have scheduled from 4pm until quittin' time.

As for me, I don't touch that stuff anymore, I've got other methods and madness.

2003, sitting in O'Shea's with Miss Mo at a bank of slot machines near the bathrooms, blindly pressing buttons and ignoring outcomes as our minds and mouths traversed an inside out universe. With a tinge, a twinge and arm hair standing up like a pin, a rolling carpet fueled by love berries arrived to pick us up. We jelly-legged our way onto the Strip as the first rays of the new day echoed through the valley. Passing drunk skanks, energetic dog walkers and a city full of hotel rooms filled with people sleeping, we made our way to our rental car, fired up Windowpane from Opeth's Damnation disc and drove as far west as we could, ending up at the top of a mountain as the glow of the sun melted over the cool rugged hills.

There was epiphany, healing and enlightenment. Possibilities folded in on regret. The universe blossomed before us (or we through it) accompanied by a wondrous array of wandering wonderings. We talked to Dave on the space phone. We praised thesleep and miss snowbird. We worried that the cops were gonna arrest us. We laughed. A lot. Then climbed back down the mountain, into the rental, into the Flamingo and into our bed... winners of the jackpot that is life.

Do something special today. Turn off the Twitter, power down the laptop and tell your projects that they can wait until tomorrow. Get the Guinness instead of the Bud Light. Skip the playoffs, camp out on the porch with the love of your life, and read the first three chapters of Fear and Loathing aloud. Light a sabbath candle in honor of a dearly departed and celebrate their memory. Break out that bottle of wine you've been stashing and savor it over some choice Miles Davis records ('In A Silent Way' and 'Jack Johnson' are excellent launching points). Tell your friends and family that you love them. At the very least, take five minutes out to close your eyes and take a bunch of really deep breaths.

Four Twenty isn't about sneaking out to the parking lot in the late afternoon to get baked, its about taking a long enough break from reality to confirm and appreciate one's place in the universe of creation.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. - Dark Helmet, 'Spaceballs'



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I'll be lightin up after I get off work. We're having a little get together at a friends house. After today though, I've got to look at quitting. Everytime I try to quit it lasts for about 2 days then starts again. I'm living proof that you can be addicted to the stuff, and I've got the smokers cough to prove it, which is one reason I really need to stop, I'm starting to cough......life story done. :-)

Yeah I used celebrate religously but now i just wait till my bday or sometimes new years. I smoked out a sahara and four quenns room like it was the end of the world. I also burned baby burned walking downtown to El Cortez. But that was then and this is now... Burque baby. Smoke breaks at Isleta, 66, Sandia, Buffalo Thunder and on and on....

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