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Three Cheers For Being Snookered By The Devil

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th April 2009 12:40am
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Hip Hip...






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So I guess with porn conventions, gay pride festivals, and (damned of all) Sunday champagne brunches she won't be visiting Vegas anytime soon??

Funny I don't remember shooting pool with anybody with horns.

Man i wish there was a section for comments.

I'll quote some scripture for her: "let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone". Now if only i could find a good enough sized rock to hurl at her...

Two words: Douche Muthafugginbag.

Just your average Bible Thumper from Alabama (Which is in the middle of the Bible Belt.). Let them keep more gambling (They do have some dog tracks [which also simulcast horse racing] as well as a bingo casino at the Victoryland dog track.) out of Alabama, as the neighboring states benefit from it. In Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, some of the lottery outlets with the highest sales numbers are located on those states' border with Alabama. The casinos in Mississippi are a less than a three hour drive for most of the state of Alabama.

if I already wasn't considered "fallen" I'd feel saved. Haleigh.... aw I can't lie. This stuff makes me giggle all the way down to the Devil tattoo on my leg.... snik snik

She sounds like Underdog lady. She has a show on Howard101 on Sirius and she is certifiably nuts

i bet she stayed at the Mandalay Bay the whole time she was in Vegas and never went anywhere else. if this is true, i would've written the same type op-piece.

Yeah the way I feel sometimes playing blackjack or watching wifey play slots I can see how "problem gamers" are made. You just have to have moderation just like anything else. Fun is fun. In NM im like wheres my mf drinks BeeeAAAtchhh!!!!!! Booze and gambling.... AAAH downing beers and wine coolers in the car before hitting tables and slots gotta love it. They do have lounges though, go figure... Just have fun and dont play beyond your means.........

even if she were right (she's not) spiritually destructive pastimes sounds mighty fine to me... now i'm going downstairs for a snack, a smoke, and a bit of late morning poker...

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