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Vegas Today and Tomorrow

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th April 2009 4:58am
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If there is one thing that bugs the crap outta me, it is people yammering about how great things were back in the 'old days.' They don't make 'em like they used to - 'em' being whatever... casinos, cars, chicks, computers or coffee. If this we're true, we'd still wear loin cloths, use a blunt instrument to find our mate and wager on the literal rolling of bones.

I can't speak for the days the mob ran things, but I've been going to Vegas for long enough to have visited the Sands and the Dunes before they blew them up to build the Venetian and Bellagio as well as the post-Mirage onslaught of theme madness. Cut me some slack, I'm only 39.

Nowadays, the lack of themes is the big gripe. During the theme days people lamented the vanishing days of cheep rooms and $2.99 steak and lobster dinners. Before that they whined about missing the mafia. During the mob days, people kvetched about how everything was great before the Mob came. The Paiute complained about the Mormons. The desert tortoises thought everything was awesome before the snakes showed up and so on.

Evolution folks. Learn it, live it, or die fighting it.

Take John Pymm, an 80 year old former Pit Boss who now lives in Sandpoint Idaho.

When the Mafia owned it, they called it Sin City - now they call it Adult Disneyland. Las Vegas was a good place to work when the Mafia was there. They took care of their customers and you could always get a job.

I won't further dissect Mr. Pymm's "mental inventory of interesting incidents" - anyone with intermediate to expert level knowledge of Vegas history will be able to see the litany of historical inaccuracies he spews as fact.

I will add this : the future doesn't exist, the past doesn't exist, the present one third past, one third future and one third not realizing that it exists until it has past.

Thus is the paradox of Vegas today and tomorrow. One thousand yesterdays ago's vision about what could happen in a thousand tomorrows, frozen in time two dozen todays ago and documented yesterday for your viewing today and/or tomorrow.

The math is dizzying. With all of these memories of yesterday forty years from tomorrow through the filter of fifteen thousand todays, my best case scenario is Wynn-era vintage curmudgeon.

Vegas has sure gone downhill since the Boardwalk closed, I'll be damned if I can find an $11.99 prime rib dinner at CityCenter.



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I was there when the Boardwalk was demolished. I probably still have some bits of drywall in my lungs from inhaling the dust from the demolition (I was standing in front of M&M world at 3AM when I noticed...theres no cars on the road...then ba BOOM...and everyone ran and I stood there with my friend Heather looking like an idiot trying to figure out what the f*ck just happened)

But you're right, people do bitch about the old days. I've only been Vegas-legal for 3 years and I like the old hotels. I just wish they'd keep SOME of them around. Like the Sahara, that place is so crummy but it's so fun because it IS crummy. Same with IP and the Tropicana. They're HORRIBLE but that's what makes them GREAT. Unfortunately, I'm only one of the few that think grunge is a good standard. :-)

I'm with you - i loved the Stardust when i stayed there. It just had this feeling to it, like you know that it had seen it's share of the history of that town. It wasn't brandy-spankin' new, it wasn't a run down dump. it was maintained and had charm, kinda like staying the night at your parents' house after being away for a few weeks/months/years. You just feel... comfortable. Wynn and Bellagio are absolutely beautiful, but i feel like i shouldn't touch anything in case something breaks.

My Vegas life started again in 2004 but I remember going to Vegas twice in the 70's while in California. I remember the free adult stuff on the strip and eating at Circus Circus when it was actually clean. Since going back I did go into the Stardust for Wayne F. Newton and ribs and wandered past the Boardwalk a few times but never went in. Even back then (2004) I have made it a point to take what I call Dead Vegas pictures of stuff that was either gone or about to be gone including that creepy ass clown at Boardwalk. At some points every trip I do miss the theme concept but also enjoy going into and exploring the newer hotels and looks but not to the point where i bitch that the town isnt the same.

I consider myself a Legitimate Theme Griper. I'm not really married so much to "Vegas was better when..." as I am the theme idea. It's why I love the fudge out of Disney.

In 40 years or whatever when people are saying "boy, back in the day you were somebody at PURE" and "I remember when Blackjack was 6:5 instead of this ripoff shit you get today," I'll still be talking about themed casinos.

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