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I'm Not Going To Pay A Lot For This Luxury Vegas Hotel Room

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd March 2009 4:53am
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The casino biz is wondering how plunging hotel room rates will effect the strength of the casinos brands long after the economy turns around.

At issue is whether tourists (us) will be willing to shell out for hotel rooms priced at pre-recession levels after scoring such incredible deals during these dark economic times.

Rather than postulate on what the tourist hive mind might say, I'll defer to your thoughts as a sampling. Will you be more or less inclined to pop the full cork after snagging Bellagio for $97 bucks a night?

The silent assumption that the general public doesn't understand the basic law of supply and demand - and when to use it to ones advantage - seems to have been overlooked. When there are more rooms at Bellagio than Bellagio level players to fill them, they let us pink chickens in there to cluck and scratch for cheap. When Bellagio level players sort out their finances and see their investments start to grow again, they'll start coming back... driving demand, increasing room rates and sending the geese back to the bird house.

It is a great day when Flamingo level players can taste swanky rooms at Encore, ARIA and Bellagio for what Ballys charged on a Tuesday night 16 months ago. Does this make us ornithologists Bellagio/Encore/ARIA level players? No... it makes us smart shoppers who took advantage of great hotel room deals, recession or not.

If there is a silver lining to the current state of things, it's the exposure of five star properties to four, three and two star guests. It's hard to know that the nectar uptown really does taste better until you can afford stick your beak into the fountain. Yum.

Hells yeah, I'd pay to stay at Bellagio assuming I can afford it - at $97 or $970/night.



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Come on, things are always this way. Sometimes you (the hotels) have to really work hard to making what you need to pay the bills. My guess is that people will still probably spend that money. I know that I will, but then again I always do a lot of off the course things while I am there. Those are what make each visit special. I would be bored if I was there only to bet. I will attempt to save cash on this trip like all of the others with BOGO's, match plays, coupons and other things. But I will still be doing most if not all of the things that I normally do.

No matter the room prices it all depends on how badly people want to visit Las Vegas that determines whether or not the high prices will be paid again. A couple years ago we had planned a Las Vegas weekend before looking at hotel rates, and when we did it turned out to be the MTV awards weekend among other things and all the hotels were demanding astronomical rates. We paid $300 a night at Excalibur -- all because the plan was made, the desire was strong, so the big money was paid. Supply and demand only works if you are willing to let the room rate dictate whether you actually go to Vegas, and when, and where you stay rather than base your trip on the time it is good to take off from work and that you always, always wanted to treat yourself to a Bellagio weekend.

There is a funny thing I am looking at a week of Ex for what was paid a year ago by the above poster, that is also a main reason why I am going to go fro the 4 th of July weekend. C-YA.

My husband and I just booked a package through USAirways for August; roundtrip air from the east coast and 7 nights. The price was almost exactly what we paid for a week in August last year, except, we are booked into the Encore instead of the Mirage. When you take out the airfare, we are paying roughly $118 a night (including taxes). An amazing deal at a property we thought was out of the question for us for at least a few more years.

Here's the rub ... a lot of hotels are lowering their standards as well as their pricing. While it may not be true at Encore/Wynne, it is definitely true at Caesars, and I've heard at Bellagio/Venetian/THEhotel, and others. Fewer personnel, less attention to housekeeping details, slower restaurant/room service, more "little things wrong" around the room/hotel, slower drink service in the casiono, less 'rewards' for extended play. So my impression of the hotels is that it is no longer WORTH paying premium prices. Very few - if any - hotels/casinos are viewing this time as an opportunity to build an extended loyalty base.

Last month, while staying in a tower suite at Encore, I noticed that there were no toothbrushes/toothpaste, shower gel, bath salt for the tub, the big brush you use to brush your back while bathing, razors and shave cream. I called the housekeeping department asking for the shower gel (the only thing I really use), but the other items were never placed in the room throughout the five days I spent there. When I checked out, I ask the guest service agent if they were no longer available and her answer was due to the economy they are not placing these items in the rooms anymore, but they are available upon request. Well, it seems the cut offs are happening at the Wynn/Encore. More than that, at the 5-star tower suites!

So, like..when is Bellagio going to get rid of the old tube TVs?

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