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The Activity Feed (It's New!)

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 4:59pm
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As you've probably noticed, we're rebuilding and redesigning the site(s) piece by piece, page by page right before your very eyes, daily. As part of the process, we've got to build a bunch of different widgets in advance of redoing certain sections, sorta like upgrading the electrical circuits before you build an indoor marijuana farm. Uh. Yeah.

One such widget - which we're temporarily calling the "Activity Feed" (if you've got a better name for it, post a comment... 'Tripper Jabber' is on the short list') - will take the place of "The Board" "Ratings & Reviews" and "Recent Comments" widgets all over the VT.

Here's a screen shot of it, which you can see in beta testing action here and here (bottom right).

Activity Feed

The series of reasonably complex database calls required to build the data was a bit of a bugbear to hack through but nothing that coupla days of hair pulling and two sessions of bugging the crap out of VT's database gurus couldn't swat. The good news is that it's been engineered to have almost zero strain on the servers (cron job baby!)

Eventually, there will be an RSS feed of all this stuff for those power users who want to suck out every last drop of honey from the hive mind.

Anyways, I'm just curious what your thoughts are about this thing... likes/dislikes, suggestions... that kinda thing. Plus, I thought it might be interesting to pull the curtain back a little so y'all can see what goes into building all this shit... above and beyond the writing, research and other shenanigans. If only my imagination had a Word Press plug in 'install' button.



Comments & Discussion:

It looks good so far. One thing I noticed is that it seems like just-posted comments make it to the Activity Feed right away but still don't get posted on the news item's page until someone approves it.

actually, we don't manually approve comments anymore. if you're a member, they get posted instantly... just refresh the page to see what you had just posted. the activity feed script builds and parses the data every five minutes or so... cron ftw!

Yeah I just realized I accidentally posted in the wrong news item. I meant to comment on the posting of the Mirage review and accidentally put it in the You Pube item, which is why I couldn't find it! Oops.

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