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The Mirage Dilemma (YouPube Part Deux)

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th March 2009 9:26pm
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I've got a dilemma, and I need your help in making a decision.

I've been doing a bunch of thinking about a review of The Mirage which we've had queued up here for about a month or so. As some of you may remember, we were less than impressed by the quality of housekeeping and posted as much here.

A few days after we got home from Encore media week (the first night of which we stayed at Mirage) the folks from the Mirage sent us a letter saying they found something in the room, and inquired if perhaps it was ours. It wasn't, but we called em anyways just in case. What we can infer from the letter and the spike in traffic to VT from MGM Mirage HQ after the 'You Pube' post was that they saw it then sent out the hazmat team to give the room a thorough cleaning. Having a semi-secret shopper uncover the dirt benefits everybody.

So what's the dilemma? Given the current economic catastrophe and how it is affecting Vegas visitation - to the point of threatening the viability of the companies that operate these palaces of sinful delight - I just don't feel right posting what could be a pretty harsh review. Poking a dog in the ribs when it shits on the carpet is one thing, but doing it because the dog has systemic disease is cruel.

With Vegas tourism down for the count, and tens of thousands of people dependent on Mirage et. al. for their daily bread, I really don't want our reviews to deter anyone from making a trip to Vegas. The key to getting the economy back on track is to get the money flowing again - unload debt and upload good times.

In the macrostructure, it's really not important that we found pubes on the floor, the room stunk like an ashtray, stuff was broken, dusty and dirty. I'm confident that this episode was a lapse in housekeeping brought on by 'cost savings' : making less housekeepers clean more rooms in less time.

So, knowing what you know... should we publish this Mirage review, pubes and all or take one for 'the team' - with team being tourists, employees, casinos and the greater good.

PS. This isn't meant to imply that our posting of this review is going to make MGM Mirage go bankrupt, they can do that just fine without our help, should they elect to apply themselves thusly.



Comments & Discussion:

You should post it. Providing that you share the truth, which you will be, then the Vegas-visiting public deserves to have information such as this available to them -- and available to the powers that be who will never stop cutting corners on important things like housekeeping unless we the people call them on their shortcomings. When I go to Vegas, or anywhere, I try my level best to find the good about a property, but I do not ignore the bad because ignoring it gives silent permission for it to continue.

I definitely think the review should be posted. It might perhaps light a fire under the collective asses of the casino/hotel industry to keep their rooms clean. People post such reviews on sites like Trip Advisor, Travelocity, Expedia, etc., so why not here? Since VT does have some juice, someone is bound to pick up the ball and run with it.

I work in the brewpub/restaurant industry and through many food/beer community websites people are free to share their thoughts on our food, beer and service anonomously and I can go on the sites and defend/apologise for their experiences at our locations. While the review maybe harsh as long as the incidents are valid I think The Mirage should take it as constructive criticism and fix the issue and maybe invite you back to see that they have addressed the issue.

I'm definitely torn on if you should post the review or not. My own personal experience at The Mirage has been nothing short of great. The rooms have always been in good condition and cleaned quite well. The only issue I've had is the minibar never seems cold enough but that might be a personal thing. On the other hand I've only ever stayed in the Tower Deluxe suites on all my 4 stays. But for people researching where to stay, it's good to see the bad as well. Maybe this is a one off thing, maybe it happens more and The Mirage needs to pick up their golden socks. I'm staying there for 4 days starting on March 26/08 so I could let you know how that one goes.

Yup, post it. It's what we come here for.

I say post it. If it's the truth, why not?

However, I was very impressed with my room at The Mirage back in mid-December. Scored tower room on the 25th floor. Clean. Everything in order. Housekeeping did a fine job by me. They even had turndown service on that level. Really, I love the new rooms there. So much so, I've already booked them for my summer trip in July.


If it is a true and valid review of the place, then it should be published. Otherwise people will think you didn't publish it because MGM/Mirage either paid you off or threatened to pull their ads from your site.

Since you let the world know the review exists, your integrity is now on the line and will be harmed if you don't publish the review.

Now if you want to give MGM/Mirage a break, do a quick weekend stay there and add an update to the review. Maybe they have corrected the problems, but if not and it has gotten worse, then people should be informed.

I think it is disgusting to check into a dirty room. But as all other departments, housekeeping also commits mistakes. And since they, like Front Desk, are in the front line, it is easy for us (guests) to see their mistakes. In my opinion, I wouldn't judge the Mirage or any other hotel for this mistake. Instead, I would see how they deal with this mistake once I report it. They probably would have reduced your rates, send someone right away or even change you rooms. Remember, this lodging are ran by humans and we all commit mistakes. The key is how the hotel deal with them. If you didn't report that, they would never find out.

I think you should post it. I want to see up close what the new rooms look like since I'll more than likely be staying there on my next trip. For some reason that's been the one hotel that I've ALWAYS wanted to stay at. It's been a fav of mine for a while and I have no idea why...

i can't thank y'all enough for the considered opinions... they pretty much validated many of the different thoughts that have been rattling around in my head. stay tuned...

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