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We've Been Beheaded!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th March 2009 4:52pm
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As you may have noticed, we rolled out the first two pieces of VT 5.0 last night... a new and cleaner header navigation, refreshed logo animations and a brand new footer design. You could say that, for the time being, this is VT 4.8. We're going to be adding, tweaking and redoing the whole schmear over the next few months, piece by piece depending my schedule.

As we progress, I request that you please pardon our dust, unless said dust is of the 'salt-shaker' or 'multi-state cop chase' varieties. Just remember to grab your +5 Sword of invincibility and Cloak of Super Strength from your bag. If such conditions are met, apply dust to your sinuses liberally.

Here's some callouts to some of the stuff that has changed, which might help folks who seem to have misplaced something they used previously:

Basically, we reskinned it... moved a coupla things around and hopefully made it easier for you to find/do stuff on our sites. Additionally, the footer has been completely re-pimped and has a coupla design flourishes some old skool vt readers might remember from way way way way back.

This is just the first part in a complete redesign of everything, which will include adding a ton of new features to the sites including new hotel guide pages with tons of new information, our long promised dining guide, quirky games, a new research tool we're calling "ratecasting" and an overall enhanced user experience.

It is and has been our goal to make researching your Vegas trip as enjoyable as your trip will be - and to do it intelligently and b.s. free. Other purveyors of Las Vegas information can go and poach our ideas, design vibes and even our words, but they'll never be able to touch the technology that we're working on, the tip of the iceberg of which is the CASINOVAC.

Viva VT!



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I love this! Give the best Vegas website a cleaner and fresher look and you've got one happy crowd. Thanks!

Can't wait for the rest. P.S. footer is SEXY!

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