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By Chuckmonster on Friday, 20th February 2009 9:28pm
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Reader John sent in this link, with a short and very succinct comment attached. He says:


Uh-oh is right. When you are Steve Wynn, the world will come visit based on your brashitude and stellar track record. When your Glenn Schaeffer, and your new resort has no Players Club database to speak of, a noobful marketing team, no real cache of clients, is opening at roughly the same time as Aria / City Center, and the economy is in the shit can... you've got your work cut out for you. And that doesn't even take into account that your resort's name is barely pronounceable without prerequisite two weeks of 7th grade French (or a suitable substitute : Skinemax.)

For the record: Fontainebleau = Fountain blue.

I'm not completely convinced that Fontainebleau is in a disadvantaged location, yes the neighborhood has a larger share of abandoned projects surrounding it, but the latest and greatest joint in town - Encore - is only five minute walk away, as is Circus Circus and the Riviera... PLUS there's a SexXxpresso directly between both. Uh. Strike that. It is a disadvantaged location.... my bad.

Still.... what they've got planned there is pretty bitchin'.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm a sucker for blue glass with lights on it. I will be glad to stay and play when it opens. Players club or not, I think deals will be offered.

I think this is another example of the lack of themes being a damaging factor. It used to not be an issue having hotels open within weeks of each other, because a distinctive theme or design would be enough to distinguish it as something fresh and new. A traveler would come to town and want to see EVERY new eye-popping mega-resort. I don't think casino execs understand that for most people, if you've seen one overpriced bland yuppie hall, you've seen them all.

I agree with Robbie. Once you've seen one stupid "ultra modern" casino/hotel. You've seen them all. The lack of themes is going to put this town in the shitcan if they don't watch it

I disagree about the themes. People are coming to Vegas for the amenities and services offered, and hotels are distinguishing themselves via those avenues. If people still wanted themes I would think places like NYNY, Excalibur, Luxor, etc. would be the hottest in town.

Look at the W hotel chain. They all may be modern yuppie halls by your definition, but they have been very successful at drawing attention.

If you are arguing there is too much minimalist modern design coming to Vegas, I might agree with you on that. It depends if the modern design is just an excuse for cheap design, or if it's actually well thought out. If you look at FB's plan they have an amazing pool area, and the overall plan design is attractive in my opinion. I do think it is way too big and they have too many rooms and condos to fill.

Their location does have an advantage. They are within walking distance from the LV Convention Center. That should get them some extra convention attendees..... if there are any convention attendees to get. How many conventions scheduled for L.V. have cancelled so far this year?

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