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Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanicless

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd February 2009 2:21pm
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This is executives at the Tropicana hope to "save" their sinking ship:

1) Move all attractions to the casino across the street.
2) Close the longest running boobs and feathers show in Las Vegas history
3) Hire a PR firm to remake your image as a 'value oriented destination' during a time when everything in Las Vegas - including 5 star resorts - are 'value oriented.'
4) Wait to see if it un-sinks
5) Abandon ship.

And now, our suggestions:

1) Redesign the casino floor - lower lighting, fresh paint, new carpet, live music that doesn't suck, more walking space, less goobers shilling timeshares in a water massage apparatus and the like.
2) Offer THE BEST odds on all the games at all times including slots and video poker
3) All rooms : $7.77
4) New slogan : Players Only
5) Jack up the price and quality of the food one tick
6) Bring back the titty show.



Comments & Discussion:

I can't imagine a circumstance under which I'd even set foot in the Trop. I took my parents to Body Worlds about 14 months ago. Once out of the exhibit, we couldn't wait to get out of that decrepit place.

During the 2 mile walk with poor signage directing you back to the casino and exits, we saw a wedding party. I remember thinking how sad that they were doing it at the Tropicana. Was Whiskey Pete's booked that weekend?


I often wonder what would happen if a place like the Trop. (which obviously needs SOMETHING to happen) took the odds and limits offered on Fremont St. and put them in their place.

Also, the Trop. has a GREAT pool. They need to capitalize on that as much as possible.

I like the trashiness of the Trop. The horrible smell, mirrored ceilings, and just overall grungyness. Then again one of my favorite casinos is in IP. LOL Enough dirt for everyone!!
But I do agree, the Trop needs to do a little something to clean up their act. I don't want anymore history to be shut down right now.

When room rates were high a couple years ago this might have been more viable. Now, there's so much competetiion to fill rooms, you got even the high end joints competeting in price with almost everyone else. Just doesn't make sense to stay at Tropicana when you can find great deals on Wynn, Bellagio, Mirage, etc. They'd be better off just tearing the place down and starting over in a few years.

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