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Dog Hotel, Vegas Style - A Different Pet Friendly Option

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd February 2009 3:46pm
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Vegas Dog Hotel

That's Maxine Credits, my dog. I love her.

She's made an appearance in our Montbleu Lake Tahoe review, on various Trippies webcasts and is one of the avatars in the MyVegas thingy.

Lately, I've come to start calling her Elmer, as in glue. She and I stick together, sometimes to the degree of bugging the shit out of me. Even so, I have a supremely rough time leaving ol Elmer with friends when we go to Vegas and apparently, I'm not alone.

So are there any joints in Vegas which are pet friendly? Sadly, few. The New Frontier used to take pets, which is great except for the fact that you had to stay there. The joints in Primm do... which is great, except that you have to stay in Primm. The manor out back of Circus Circus also accepts pets, but again, you have to stay there as punishment.

The only 'livable' hotel in the casino corridor to accept pets is Four Seasons. As expected, there are rules :

- pets must be less than 25lbs
- no more than 2 pets per room (25lbs gross weight)
- dogs must be on a leash at all time
- pets cannot be left unattended in rooms
- pet sitting service is available through concierge

So what if you don't have the scratch to afford Four Seasons, want to stay in a good hotel AND spend time with your dog?

Enter American Dog and Cat Resort, whose motto is "Luxury Hotels Aren't Just For People."

ADCR features cage free boarding and truly massive "playroom" where dogs can run amok or catch a snooze in one of the doggy beds or on some throw carpets. Doggy 'suites' have piped in smooth jazz, comfy furniture and flat panel tv's playing 'animal programming.'

Dogs in residence for both long and short term boarding enjoy the option of spending days in group play time or relaxing in their private suites. In the evening, dogs retire to their private suites and are fed their dinners according to their owner's instructions.

Seriously, you gotta see this to believe it. Am I insane for thinking this is awesome? I have a hunch that after one visit, Maxine is gonna want to go to Vegas more than I do. Now I just have to figure out how to do a pooch eye view walkthrough video.



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Not quite video but close....


Do they provide dog escorts as well? Maybe some fake legs for humping; a mannequin mailman to attack...

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