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Mirage Nightstand Signage Fail

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd January 2009 11:46am
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Mirage Fail

Dear Mirage,
Thank you for reminding me that I should go to visit that fancy curved hotel tower up the street.



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In reality. Nobody changes their linen's at home on a daily basis. And I don't know for fact that Wynn or hotels actually do a full bed change on a daily basis. Obviously during guest change they do. But If I check into Wynn or Encore, for seven nights, are they really going to change my sheets seven times? I honestly don't know the policy, and have never paid much attention, I just notice they do make the bed. It does seem like a bit of a waste of time if they do. What is the industury standard?

y'know... i didn't even read what was on the sign there. i looked at the shape of the thing and thought "can't wait to go to Wynn tomorrow." perhaps i'm alone in this perception.

There's some kind of bath bar that we've gotten our last 2 stays in Las Vegas that is curved just like the Wynn. Even stands on end. I think we've gotten it at the Rio in August, and Mirage in December.

This isn't just at Mirage...it's everywhere. The Hilton I stayed at in Cocoa Beach last weekend had the same type sign "You're sheets will be changed every 3 days unless you state otherwise." They're doing it to conserve (and I'm sure you already knew that).
Most places do only change the sheets every 3 days and between guests. I have no problem with it, I don't change my sheets every night at home.

Oh wow. I just got it. The sign is shaped like the Wynn...ha wow I suck. I need to quit reading things when I'm high.

If you calculated the number of rooms booked per night in Las Vegas, I would guess it's well over 100 K per night, and if those rooms had the sheets changed nightly, that would mean every 10 days, over a Million hotel beds would have to be changed.

That's a pretty mind boggling number of bed changes . Obviously, hotels don't actually change that many but that gives you an idea of the scale of resort like Las Vegas.

I'm just curious, does anyone actually know how many rooms are booked per night, on average?


They do change them when the previous guest checks out, right? what if that person checking out tells the front desk "nah, don't bother, i'm a pretty clean guy"

sorry, reading George Carlin's books, couldn't help that train of thought...

Haha....Im betting at least 4 more people will join in the linens debate before they realize chuck was just making an elementary-esque comparison of the shape of the sign.

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