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UFFC: This Ain't Iowa vs The Strip

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd January 2009 11:27am
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Coming soon to a podcast near you, UFFC 231: The Ultimate Freiss Fighting Championship, featuring a podcast battle royale of words between This Ain't Iowa and The Strip Podcast.

In the latest episode of TAI, The Strip is called out for talking smack, resulting in TAI issuing a wiffle ball challenge, requesting an apology and throwing down a firestorm of reactions and critiques of The Strip (which are hysterical.)

As we all know, Steve Friess loves a fight, hence creation of the UFFC. The question is, will Steve & Miles sweep it under the rug, offer an apology or spill some blood.

The TAI challenge is here, the bit starts at 22:00.



Comments & Discussion:

This should be fun. The TAI Crowd starts in the gutter - so I wouldn't think Steve and Miles would have any chance in a war of words, a battle of wits or posts from listeners. Have you seen the TAI forum?
( http://www.notiowa.com/forum )

It is not for the faint of heart.

@xpedior i wouldn't underestimate steve friess, he's the UFFC champ for a reason. also, i'd like to note that we're (VT) not taking sides here - we love the strip and tai for different and equally compelling reasons. tai forum is nothing compared to 4chan, but they are different beasts altogether.

4Chan! Oh god! I go on that site everyday.
The RANDOM folder is just........beyond belief sometimes.

Possible Challenges Wiffleball, Flag Football (or in your case you can remove the L), Basketball, A five on five triva contest with those stupid keypads at T G I Fridays, A live show where there hosts go head to head against each other and a neutral judge decides who wins. Private FullTiltPoker Tourny. A 2 4 live game at binions with 4 T.A.I reps Vs 4 Strip reps which does not end untill all 4 reps from 1 camp go broke, each player starts with 300, I think that would be sick. Paintball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a good old fashion game of capture the flag (Again in your case you can remove the L) . Or a combination of 3 events. Its time to stop talking. I challenge the strip to pick a contest and name the time and place and we ll be there. I can t wait to kick there ass so I can say "T.A.I. Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Podcastallity"!!!!!!!!!

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