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What's Wrong With This Photo?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th January 2009 2:04am
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Wynn Las Vegas Lighter

What's wrong with this photo? Or, more specifically, what's wrong with this Wynn Las Vegas lighter, purchased three days ago at The Drugstore? Yes, it works, but it's wrong... like way.

Leave a comment if you think you know.



Comments & Discussion:

Its curved the wrong way.

I think that's a Wynn Macau lighter, not Wynn LV. They sell other Wynn Macau things in the LV location. But that lighter is of the Macau building, not the LV one.

By the way the hole is in the top, I'm going to have to say when the flame comes out, it comes out pointed slightly toward your thumb and probably comes close to burning you every time you light it. I hope it's not a torch lighter.

Chuck, I thought we talked about you owning things that light on fire..... remember burning things is bad, even if Steve Wynn says it's okay (just slap the hooker Chuck, just slap the hooker)

It's all one piece of metal so it heats up fast and burns your hands?

You're not firing up a bowl with it.

It's curved the wrong way/Logo swoop is on wrong side of building. It's hard to tell, but is there a "." after Wynn?

I was going to say that the lighter shows vertical ribs or cuts when the Wynn building doesn't have any. It should only have horizontal cuts to simulate the floors.

In addition the proporations of the building are off. The Swoop area at the top of the roof isn't that tall compared to the rest of the building.

Doh, Encore bubbles out, wynn bubbles in. Wrong building/sign combo.

The building curves the other direction. (I cheated and looked at a picture of Wynn to double check)

The curve is wrong...thats all....

Flames should be shooting from the top of the Monte Carlo, not the Wynn.

It's too small to house 2200 rooms?

It's not made of chocolate?

It's missing the tan highlights?

Steve is not sitting on top?

There isn't a sign for the New Frontier and Cold Beer and Dirty Girls across the street from it?

Chuck! Tell us! What the hell is wrong with the damn thing!?
I'm anxious to know!!!

perceptive bunch... it curves the wrong way. tdinka said it best - wrong building sign combo. this curve should say encore on it.

so it's not made of chocolate? now i'm sad

Chuck, actually you got the question wrong. There is nothing wrong with the photo (except maybe exposure, composition, and things a professional photographer would be concerned about), but instead you wanted to know what people thought was wrong with the object shown in the photo.

@atl Read the post doofus.

"What's wrong with this photo? Or, more specifically, what's wrong with this Wynn Las Vegas lighter"

I thought the flames were a part of the fountain show in front of Wynn Macau!!!!!!

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