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Vintage Sands Chips Unearthed

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 19th January 2009 1:58am
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Back in the old days, casinos used to dispose of their obsolete chips in one of two ways - boating out to the middle of Lake Mead and tossing them overboard, or dumping them in concrete foundation of a new casino. Very apropos methodologies for a business steeped in mob protocol, innit? Nowadays, the Nevada Gaming Control Board handles obsolete chip demolition.

Shortly after the New Frontier was demolished in November 2007, a block of concrete containing a stash of vintage Sands $5, $25 and $100 chips was unearthed from the rubble of the hotel.

Sands Casino Chips from New Frontier Demolition

These chips ($5 - TCR #N2127, $25 - TCR #V1468, $100 - TCR #V5531) have been encased in cement somewhere beneath the New Frontier since the early 1970's, probably about the time they constructed their "new" hotel. Collectors prices for these chips range from $450-500 for the $5 chip to $2,100-$3,099 for the $25 and $100 chips - in mint condition.

Sands Casino Chips from New Frontier Demolition

Being that these chips are thrashed from spending 30 years trapped in concrete, their collectible value considerably less on the collectors market. Regardless, these blocks are a great piece of history and would make a killer conversation piece in any die hard gambler's collection.

Sands Casino Chips from New Frontier Demolition

Should you be interested in procuring one of these lovely chunks of Vegas history, you can find them at Spinetti's Gaming Supply, which just moved to the perfect location - right next door to the Gamblers General Store. Even if you don't want these, you should still go to Spinetti's... they've got the motherlode collection of vintage chips, dice and cards plus tons of brand new casino game supplies - poker chips, table felt, craps pucks and all that good stuff. Spinetti's actually has all the stuff that you've always wanted to find at the Gamblers General Store.

Be sure to tell them that VegasTripping sent you and they'll look at you and say "who?" Seriously, they were nice enough to let us take some photos, so if you tell em we sent you they'll continue to be as super nice as they already are.

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For some reason, that seems really super cool. I had no idea they ever did this. I'd love to buy on of those for my collection. If nothing else is sure would be a great conversation piece.

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